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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
Sen. Joe Biden
Promises to Keep
Sen. Sam Brownback
From Power to Purpose
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Living History
Pres. Bill Clinton
My Life
Sen. Chris Dodd
Letters from Nuremberg
Sen. John Edwards
Ending Poverty in America
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Sen. Mike Gravel
Citizen Power
Gov. Mike Huckabee
From Hope to Higher Ground
Amb. Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
A Prayer for America
Sen. John McCain
Why Courage Matters
Sen. Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope
Rep. Ron Paul
A Foreign Policy of Freedom
Gov. Bill Richardson
Between Worlds
Gov. Mitt Romney
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Mortal Danger
Sen. Fred Thompson
Government at the Brink

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Should Barack Obama Be President? by Fred Zimmerman, Nimble Books

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This is one of those quick-publication books, published by the owner of the aptly-named "Nimble Books." Perhaps several more editions will come out during the course of the election. It's an easy book to write because it has a structural formula: A "conventional wisdom" quip about Obama on top of the page, with a citation or explanation elaborating on the quip. Then a list of "Pro" and "Con" arguments about Obama's stance on the issue, as illustrated by the quip.

It's an easy-to-write formula, and an easy-to-read one too. It's nicely suited to the type of people who read We hope Nimble Books succeeds with this book and publishes a dozen more like it.

-- Jesse Gordon, [email protected], May 2007

Click here for 12 full quotes from Barack Obama in the book Should Barack Obama Be President?.
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Civil Rights
   Supports health benefits for gay civil partners.
   Muslim heritage gives Obama unique influence in Muslim world.
Energy & Oil
   Wants Detroit to build more hybrids & use more ethanol.
Foreign Policy
   Visited Africa in 2006; encouraged HIV testing & research.
   Focus on corruption to improve African development.
   Supports Israel's self-defense; but distrusted by Israelis.
Government Reform
   Sponsored bill to disclose earmarks on Internet.
Homeland Security
   Need to be both strong and smart on national defense.
Principles & Values
   Full name: Barack Hussein Obama; family calls him "Barry".
   Candidacy taken seriously despite his race or because of it?.
   Convention speech understood country yearns for unity.
   Portrayed as a multiplier instead of a divider.

The above quotations are from Should Barack Obama Be President? by Fred Zimmerman, Nimble Books.

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