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Joe Biden on War & Peace
Outgoing Vice President; previously Democratic Senator (DE)
Click here for 83 full quotes by Joe Biden OR click here for 17 older headlines OR click here for Joe Biden on other issues.
  • Syria chemical attack violates essential international norm. (Aug 2013)
  • Meet Iranian leaders only when they have a serious agenda. (Feb 2013)
  • Assad is no longer fit to lead the Syrian people; he must go. (Feb 2013)
  • UN approval is not needed for US military action. (May 2010)


  • Out of Iraq as promised; out of Afghanistan soon. (Oct 2012)
  • Out of Afghanistan in 2014, period. (Oct 2012)
  • Drones against al Qaeda instead of ground troops. (Jun 2012)
  • Advised caution in striking Osama bin Laden. (Jan 2012)
  • Withdraw US troops continuously from Afghanistan until 2014. (Dec 2011)
  • 2002: Iraq pivots from unfinished business in Afghanistan. (Oct 2010)
  • 2008: Afghanistan is forgotten war, & Pakistan is neglected. (Oct 2010)
  • Enemy is Al Qaeda, not Taliban; timetable for withdrawal ok. (Oct 2010)
  • Not necessary to defeat Taliban; it's part of Afghan society. (Oct 2010)
  • We're in Afghanistan because of Al Qaeda, period. (May 2010)

    Iraq War

  • 1990 Gulf War: reason enough to send generation to war? (Jun 2012)
  • OpEd: Iraq war follows tradition of active US leadership. (Jun 2012)
  • Proud of involvement in winding down Iraq war. (Dec 2011)
  • 1998: only way to remove Saddam is massive military effort. (Aug 2011)
  • OpEd: 2003 Iraq vote unmistakably authorized war. (Nov 2010)
  • No vital interest in Kuwait in 1990; like Vietnam in 1972. (Oct 2010)
  • 1990: One man deciding to go to war is tyranny. (Oct 2010)
  • 2009: Monthly visit to Baghdad to wind down Iraq War. (May 2010)
  • 2007: Supported funding Iraq War, against Obama. (Aug 2009)
  • 2002: Waiting to be sure of Saddam danger could be too late. (Oct 2008)
  • Post-colonial countries like Iraq need federal system. (Nov 2007)
  • Third way: federalize Iraq; troops home; no chaos behind. (Nov 2007)
  • Changed mind on Iraq pullout, not about political solution. (Sep 2007)
  • Worth losing election to protect our troops. (Sep 2007)
  • Leaving Iraq will cause generation-long regional war. (Aug 2007)
  • Voted for Iraq War resolution to avoid war in Iraq. (Jul 2007)
  • Bush invaded Iraq as the weakest of the Axis of Evil. (Jul 2007)
  • End neocon fantasy of remaking Iraq in our image. (Jul 2007)
  • Never de-fund a single soldier in Iraq. (Jul 2007)
  • Fund the safety of the troops till 67 anti-war votes reached. (Jun 2007)
  • Think about the decade after Iraq, not just the day after. (Apr 2007)
  • In 2002 Saddam posed a threat of purchasing a nuclear bomb. (Apr 2007)
  • US worse off than before Saddam because US lost credibility. (Apr 2007)
  • Partitioning Iraq is inevitable, as shown by history. (Apr 2007)
  • Decentralize Iraqi government; local control over daily life. (Apr 2007)
  • Biden-Gelb plan: UN & Muslim powers to enforce Iraq unity. (Apr 2007)
  • Decentralize Iraq to give people control over daily lives. (Feb 2007)

    Trouble Spots

  • Prevent--not contain--Iranian nuclear weapon. (Mar 2013)
  • Syria's Assad must go, but carefully vet who gets aid. (Mar 2013)
  • Intel support against extremism in Mali and North Africa. (Feb 2013)
  • Iran Sanctions are most crippling in history. (Oct 2012)
  • Iran is not close to nuclear weapons; stop the bluster. (Oct 2012)
  • Syria not like Libya; intervention would ignite the region. (Oct 2012)
  • Opposed Vietnam but didn't identify with anti-war movement. (Jun 2012)
  • 1990s: Military intervention to stop Bosnia ethnic cleansing. (Jun 2012)
  • Syrian brutality must end; Assad must step down. (Dec 2011)
  • We shared responsibility to bring democracy to Libya. (Dec 2011)
  • Iran is isolated, and will be more so when Syria falls. (Dec 2011)
  • 1992: lift Bosnian arms embargo; NATO air strikes on Serbs. (Oct 2010)
  • 9/11: Urged Bush to stay in public, like DeGaulle in WWII. (Oct 2010)
  • 1971: Campaigned on wanting Vietnam War over. (Oct 2010)
  • My push for Bosnian intervention saved 1000s of lives. (Oct 2008)
  • Accept NIE conclusion that Iran stopped nukes in 2003. (Dec 2007)
  • Muslims don’t like us because they do not trust us. (Dec 2007)
  • Strong US intervention in trouble spots around the world. (Nov 2007)
  • A military action resolution on Iran is a bad policy. (Oct 2007)
  • It’s already US policy to go into Pakistan to get al Qaeda. (Aug 2007)
  • 1995: pushed to lift arms embargo in Bosnia. (Jul 2007)
  • 1995: pushed Clinton to bomb Serbia to free Kosovo. (Jul 2007)
  • Do away with the policy of regime change for Iran. (Jun 2007)
  • Replace pre-emption doctrine with prevention. (Apr 2007)

    Voting Record

  • Regrets his war vote because Bush misused war authority. (Apr 2007)
  • Vote for war allowed war only after all else failed. (Apr 2007)
  • Introduced legislation barring US Military bases in Iraq. (Apr 2007)
  • Vote for Iraq War was mistake; assumed Bush competence. (Feb 2007)
  • Voted for Iraq war in 2002, but now a war critic. (Nov 2006)
  • Voted NO on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
  • Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)
  • Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Voted NO on allowing all necessary force in Kosovo. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on authorizing air strikes in Kosovo. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on ending the Bosnian arms embargo. (Jul 1995)
  • Condemns anti-Muslim bigotry in name of anti-terrorism. (Oct 2001)
  • No troop surge: no military escalation in Iraq. (Jan 2007)
  • Deploy UN multinational peacekeeping force in Darfur. (Jul 2007)
  • Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (Nov 1995)
Jeb Bush on War & Peace
Former Republican FL Governor
Click here for 29 full quotes by Jeb Bush OR click here for Jeb Bush on other issues.
  • OpEd: Not distancing himself from brother's Afghan policy. (Mar 2013)
  • God grants liberty only to ready to defend it. (Mar 2004)


  • Policy of containment against ISIS just doesn't work. (Feb 2016)
  • No-fly zone in Syria; arm Kurds; establish Sunni coalition. (Nov 2015)
  • Send troops to Syria to then remain to maintain stability. (Nov 2015)
  • Declare a war in Syria, take out ISIS and Assad. (Nov 2015)
  • Best way to defeat terrorist ideology is to destroy ISIS. (Nov 2015)
  • NATO should consider declaring war on ISIS. (Nov 2015)
  • War is the only option in Syria, to take out Caliphate. (Nov 2015)
  • We should have a no fly zone in Syria. (Nov 2015)
  • When we pulled back in Iraq, ISIS filled the void. (Sep 2015)
  • To honor those who died in Iraq, take out ISIS & stop Iran. (Aug 2015)
  • Iraq invasion was a mistake; but now we can't abandon them. (Aug 2015)
  • Add a new U.S. base in Iraq's Anbar province. (Jun 2015)
  • On Palestine: Israel won't sacrifice when she is threatened. (Mar 2015)
  • Non-state terrorists are greatest threat we now face. (Feb 2015)
  • OpEd: Supports 2003 Iraq invasion even with current evidence. (Feb 2015)
  • ISIS's rise is because world has no clue where US will be. (Oct 2014)
  • Over time, people will respect our resolve in Iraq. (Mar 2013)
  • Encourage regime change in Iran; keep military option open. (Nov 2010)
  • 1998: Declined to call for invading Iraq to depose Saddam. (Feb 2007)
  • Easy to criticize Iraq war after the fact. (Apr 2006)


  • 1971: Registered for draft but never got drafted. (Feb 2015)
  • 1971: Ambivalent about Vietnam, but would have served. (Feb 2015)
  • Opposed Vietnam War; considered Conscientious Objection. (Feb 2007)
  • Disliked Andover because of Vietnam-era campus turmoil. (Feb 2007)
  • 1971: Troubled by LBJ's Vietnam, but registered to serve. (Feb 2007)
  • 1972: considered conscientious objector status. (Sep 2004)
  • Extend international order friendly to our security. (Jun 1997)
Ben Carson on War & Peace
Tea Party challenger in Republican primary
Click here for 16 full quotes by Ben Carson OR click here for Ben Carson on other issues.
  • Replacing Mideast dictators leads to chaos, like in Iraq. (Feb 2016)
  • Bomb oil tankers even if it hurts the environment. (Feb 2016)
  • Bomb oil tankers coming out of ISIS caliphate. (Jan 2016)
  • Support Syrian refugees in Jordan; place more with Kurds. (Dec 2015)
  • Military intelligence underused in crafting Syria strategy. (Nov 2015)
  • Counter countries propping up Assad: Russia and Iran. (Nov 2015)
  • Maintain U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. (Oct 2015)
  • FactCheck: Yes, Congress declared war after 9/11, sort of. (Oct 2015)
  • Don't get involved in Syria, but push ISIS in that direction. (Sep 2015)
  • I opposed war in Iraq in 2003; then I opposed withdrawal. (Sep 2015)
  • Untie the military's hands; let them destroy ISIS. (May 2015)
  • Eradicate ISIS as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Mar 2015)
  • Tyranny follows if we disarm nukes & madmen get them. (Jan 2012)
  • No right to assume that our way was right for 1960s Vietnam. (Jan 2012)
  • Morality of war in Iraq was highly debatable. (Jan 2012)
  • Better response than post-9-11 invasions: oil independence. (Jan 2012)
Hillary Clinton on War & Peace
Secretary of State; previously Democratic Senator (NY)
Click here for 94 full quotes by Hillary Clinton OR click here for 55 older headlines OR click here for Hillary Clinton on other issues.
  • Work with allies around the world to fight homegrown terror. (Sep 2016)
  • Continue anti-ISIS actions in Libya, with Europe & Arabs. (Feb 2016)
  • Supported decision to target Osama bin Laden. (Sep 2013)
  • Founded Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children in DC. (Feb 2010)
  • Would have never diverted attention from Afghanistan. (Jan 2008)
  • After 9/11:Those helping terrorists would feel “wrath” of US. (Jun 2007)
  • 1960s conversion to liberalism based on opposing Vietnam. (Jun 2007)
  • At Wellesley in ‘68, steered anti-war movement within system. (Jun 2007)
  • I have seen firsthand terrorists’ terrible damage. (Jun 2007)
  • Ok to target Al Qaeda in Pakistan; we did that 10 years ago. (Jan 2006)
  • Strategizing about Pakistan destabilizes a nuclear power. (Aug 2007)


  • Iran had centrifuges whirling away until we negotiated. (Sep 2016)
  • Iranian nukes would have destabilized whole region. (Jan 2016)
  • Proud of Iran nuke deal; but carefully watch them. (Jan 2016)
  • Policy of prevention, not containment, on Iranian nukes. (Jan 2013)
  • Trust but verify Iran: goal is diplomacy & open inspections. (Jan 2013)
  • Massive retaliation from US if Iran attacks Israel. (Apr 2008)
  • Continue diplomatic engagement with Iran. (Dec 2007)
  • Believed, with others, that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapon. (Dec 2007)
  • Pledge that Iran will not develop a nuclear bomb. (Oct 2007)
  • Rushing to war with Iran vs. doing nothing is a false choice. (Oct 2007)
  • Iran’s Revolutionary Guard promotes terrorism. (Sep 2007)
  • Prevent Iran from becoming nuclear power by diplomacy first. (Sep 2007)
  • Rule out nukes against Iran. (Aug 2007)
  • Iran having a nuclear weapon is absolutely unacceptable. (Jun 2007)

    Iraq War

  • No US troops as occupying force in Iraq. (Oct 2016)
  • Iraq war VOTE was my mistake; Iraq WAR was Bush's mistake. (Sep 2016)
  • My 2002 vote for Iraq war does not impact ISIS plan today. (Feb 2016)
  • I got it wrong on 2002 Iraq War vote. (Jun 2014)
  • OpEd: Iraq war follows tradition of active US leadership. (Jun 2012)
  • OpEd: 2003 Iraq vote unmistakably authorized war. (Nov 2010)
  • 2002: Saddam gave sanctuary to terrorists including Al Qaeda. (Oct 2010)
  • 2007: Avoided war apology to avoid "flip-flopper" label. (Jan 2010)
  • 2007: Opposed funding Iraq War; no escalation. (Aug 2009)
  • 2002: Saddam gave aid to Al Qaeda terrorists. (Oct 2008)
  • Up to the Iraqis to decide the future they will have. (Feb 2008)
  • Voted against precedent of US subordinate to UN in Iraq. (Jan 2008)
  • Iraq war authorization was not authority for preemption. (Jan 2008)
  • Told by the White House how the war resolution would be used. (Jan 2008)
  • Called war on terror “Bush’s war” but has played active role. (Nov 2007)
  • 2002: Accepted connection between Saddam & Al Qaeda. (Nov 2007)
  • Leave combat troops in Iraq only for conterterrorism. (Sep 2007)
  • Pentagon calls her unpatriotic for asking about exit plan. (Jul 2007)
  • Bush misused authorization for war. (Jun 2007)
  • Iraq war wouldn’t have happened had the inspectors been sent. (Jun 2007)
  • It was a mistake to trust Bush on his judgment to wage war. (Jun 2007)
  • No permanent bases, but continuing residual force in Iraq. (Apr 2007)
  • Takes responsibility for Iraq war vote, but not a mistake. (Feb 2007)
  • OpEd: Voting for war enabled criticizing how it was waged. (Oct 2005)
  • 2002 Iraq speech criticized both Saddam and U.N. (Feb 2004)
  • 2002: Attacking Iraq "not a good option" but authorized it. (Feb 2004)

    Middle East

  • Benefits of no-fly zone against ISIS outweigh risks. (Oct 2016)
  • Arm and support the Kurds against Assad. (Oct 2016)
  • Take out current ISIS leaders like we took out bin Laden. (Sep 2016)
  • Libya war, with full coalition, prevented massacre. (Sep 2016)
  • Do not negotiate with Iran about Syria. (Feb 2016)
  • Don't normalize relations with Iran; we need leverage. (Feb 2016)
  • 4,000 U.S. trainers & special forces in Iraq & Syria. (Feb 2016)
  • 3-part plan to go after ISIS: territory; network; safety. (Dec 2015)
  • Support Sunni Arab and Kurdish forces against ISIS in Syria. (Dec 2015)
  • No-fly zone in Syria, but no American troops on the ground. (Oct 2015)
  • We're already involved in Syria; deal with Russia there. (Oct 2015)
  • Not helping Free Syrian Army left vacuum for ISIS to fill. (Aug 2014)
  • Don't demand complete moratorium on Israeli settlement. (Jun 2014)
  • 2012: We helped Syrian rebels, but we should have done more. (Jun 2014)
  • Invested in Israel: negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza. (Jun 2014)
  • I wanted to arm Syrian rebels, along with regional partners. (Jun 2014)
  • Obama rejected her 2012 plan to arm the Syrian rebels. (Aug 2013)
  • Clinton-Gates combo won push for Afghan surge. (Jun 2012)
  • Supports border security fence in Israel. (Oct 2006)
  • Cut off US aid if Palestine declares a state unilaterally. (Oct 2000)
  • Focuses on increasing relationship between US and Israel. (Oct 2000)
  • Support Israel in finding a safe and secure peace. (May 2000)
  • Extend peace treaties to Palestinians, Syrians & Lebanese. (Nov 1999)


  • We won't have to shoot down Russians in Syrian no-fly zone. (Dec 2015)
  • Putin's annexing Crimea plays outdated zero-sum game. (Jun 2014)
  • Putin wants to reassert Russia's dominance in its own areas. (Jun 2014)
  • Contain Russia or Putin will expand beyond Crimea. (Apr 2014)

    Voting Record

  • Iraq war vote was meant to be used as coercive diplomacy. (Jan 2008)
  • Voted against Levin Amendment: it gave UN veto over US. (Jan 2008)
  • Voted for Iraq war based on available info; now would not. (Apr 2007)
  • Critic of Iraq war, but won’t recant 2002 vote in its favor. (Nov 2006)
  • Regrets Bush’s handling of war, but not her war vote. (Oct 2006)
  • Voted YES on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
  • Voted YES on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)
  • Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)
  • Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Condemns anti-Muslim bigotry in name of anti-terrorism. (Oct 2001)
  • No troop surge: no military escalation in Iraq. (Jan 2007)
  • Deploy UN multinational peacekeeping force in Darfur. (Jul 2007)
  • Require Congress' approval before military action in Iran. (Oct 2007)
Ted Cruz on War & Peace
Republican Texas Senator
Click here for 22 full quotes by Ted Cruz OR click here for Ted Cruz on other issues.
  • SWIFT: commit to maintain ongoing sanctions against Iran. (Aug 2018)
  • U.S.-Israel alliance is a strategic bedrock. (Mar 2016)
  • Russia too strong for Syria cease-fire to hold. (Feb 2016)
  • Overwhelming air power against ISIS, & arm the Kurds. (Feb 2016)
  • Our enemies will feel our full force & fury. (Jan 2016)
  • FactCheck: No, ISIS and Iran haven't declared war on America. (Dec 2015)
  • Assad is bad, but toppling him gives Syria to ISIS. (Dec 2015)
  • When terrorists join ISIS, they sign U.S. death warrant. (Dec 2015)
  • If you wage jihad on America, you sign your death warrant. (Aug 2015)
  • We have no greater friend than Israel in Middle East. (Jun 2015)
  • Toughen sanctions on Iran, to safeguard America. (Mar 2015)
  • Provide defensive weapons for Ukraine against Russia. (Feb 2015)
  • Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS, with US air support. (Feb 2015)
  • Focused, direct military objective of destroying ISIS. (Feb 2015)
  • Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age. (Oct 2014)
  • Arm & aid the Peshmerga Kurds against ISIS. (Oct 2014)
  • Don't arm Syrian rebels without a clear plan to combat ISIS. (Sep 2014)
  • Bomb ISIS back into the Stone Age, with Congress' approval. (Sep 2014)
  • Install Eastern European ABMs; stand up to Russia in Ukraine. (Jun 2014)
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan went on too long. (Jun 2012)
  • Sponsored shutting down Iranian foreign reserves. (May 2013)
  • Iran must accept long-term intrusive nuke inspection. (Mar 2014)
Carly Fiorina on War & Peace
Republican primary challenger and former CEO
Click here for 13 full quotes by Carly Fiorina OR click here for Carly Fiorina on other issues.
  • Aggressive exercises in Baltic; more US troops in Germany. (Nov 2015)
  • More than 50 boots on the ground in Syria. (Nov 2015)
  • Rebuild missile defense program in Poland. (Nov 2015)
  • Arm the Kurds and other allies in the Mideast. (Sep 2015)
  • US must provide resources & leadership in fight against ISIS. (Aug 2015)
  • Ok to deal with Iran, but with anytime/anywhere inspections. (Aug 2015)
  • Provide materiel to Jordan, & intel to Egypt, to fight ISIL. (Aug 2015)
  • Break off Iran nuclear negotiations; keep sanctions. (May 2015)
  • Impose crippling sanctions on Iran. (Jun 2010)
  • Impose crippling sanctions against Iran. (Mar 2010)
  • Impose sanctions on Iran: no refined petroleum imports. (Mar 2010)
  • Two-state solution with Jerusalem as undivided capital. (Mar 2010)
  • Opposes timetable for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. (Sep 2010)
Lindsey Graham on War & Peace
Republican Sr Senator; previously Representative (SC-3)
Click here for 55 full quotes by Lindsey Graham OR click here for Lindsey Graham on other issues.
  • Damage from war with North Korea would be worth it. (Mar 2018)


  • Destroy radical Islam like Reagan destroyed the Evil Empire. (Sep 2015)
  • Israel: stay as long as needed in Gaza to deal with Hamas. (Jul 2014)
  • Slow Afghan withdrawal, with 15,000 US troops left behind. (Jan 2013)


  • Ok to hold off Iranian sanctions but only while negotiating. (Jan 2015)
  • Support the Syrian rebels against Assad & Iran. (Oct 2013)
  • Getting Syria wrong leads to Iranian nukes & war with Israel. (Sep 2013)
  • Get involved in Syria to protect against al Qaeda and Iran. (Apr 2013)


  • 10,000 US troops in Iraq; 10,000 in Syria; plus 90,000 Arabs. (Dec 2015)
  • Winning in Iraq is more important than safety. (Dec 2015)
  • Returning from Iraq prematurely was a mistake. (Jan 2015)
  • U.S. ground troops to fight ISIL in Syria and Iraq. (Oct 2014)
  • We should have left 10,000 US troops in Iraq. (Oct 2014)
  • More intervention in Iraq avoids an American city in flames. (Aug 2014)
  • OK for Iran to help in Iraq, but not to dominate. (Jun 2014)
  • We need more troops for long haul, Iraq is like WWII. (Sep 2004)


  • Form army--90% them, 10% us--to destroy Caliphate. (Dec 2015)
  • To destroy ISIL in Libya, take the Caliphate's headquarters. (Dec 2015)
  • Declaring war on Islam only helps ISIL. (Dec 2015)
  • We are at war and it's a religious war. (Dec 2015)
  • American troops should partner with regional army. (Nov 2015)
  • If France invokes Article V, NATO should declare war on ISIS. (Nov 2015)
  • Need substantial boots on the ground against ISIL. (Nov 2015)
  • If we don't destroy ISIL soon, they're coming here. (Sep 2015)
  • I have a plan to fight ISIL: ground forces in Syria & Iraq. (Sep 2015)
  • Whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to defeat ISIL. (Aug 2015)
  • ISIS plans to take Jordan; that throws Mideast into turmoil. (Jun 2014)
  • ISIS makes Iraq & Syria the staging area for the next 9/11. (Jun 2014)


  • Russia will back down if US provokes it in deposing Assad. (Nov 2015)
  • Arm Ukraine; sanction Russia; more NATO troops to region. (Jul 2014)
  • Obama "screams loudly & carries no stick," in Russia & Syria. (Mar 2014)


  • If Syrian war goes on another year, Jordan's king might fall. (Dec 2015)
  • There's nobody left in Syria to train; bring in other Arabs. (Dec 2015)
  • Don't collaborate with Russia & Iran to keep Assad in power. (Dec 2015)
  • Military commitment of regional troops in Syria is necessary. (Nov 2015)
  • Regional, not US, army would keep stability in Syria. (Nov 2015)
  • Help the Free Syrian Army; but Obama said no. (Sep 2015)
  • There's nobody left in Syria to train; need regional army. (Sep 2015)
  • Form regional coalition to enforce no-fly zone in Syria. (Jan 2015)
  • 2012: Arm the Syrian rebels & fight Assad's air force. (Oct 2014)
  • Intervention in Syria to degrade Assad's chemical weapons. (Sep 2013)
  • Syria: Assad must go, and small arms won't do it. (Jun 2013)
  • Voted NO on redeploying non-essential US troops out of Iraq in 9 months. (Dec 2007)
  • Voted YES on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
  • Voted NO on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)
  • Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)
  • Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Voted YES on disallowing the invasion of Kosovo. (May 1999)
  • Sponsored prevention, not containment, for Iranian nukes. (May 2012)
  • Iran must accept long-term intrusive nuke inspection. (Mar 2014)
  • Support the completion of the US mission in Iraq. (Feb 2007)
  • Sanctions on Iran to end nuclear program. (Apr 2009)
Mike Huckabee on War & Peace
Former Republican AR Governor
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  • Rebuild military but we should not fight without clear goals. (Jan 2016)
  • People won't bully us if we have best military in history. (Sep 2015)
  • We are making progress in Iraq, Afghanistan, & war on terror. (Jan 2008)
  • Supports Powell Doctrine of overwhelming force. (Jan 2008)
  • Go after al Qaeda’s safe havens in Pakistan. (Jan 2008)
  • Many don’t comprehend the threat: they want our obliteration. (Sep 2007)
  • Strength is more effective deterrent to war than weakness. (Jan 2007)
  • We should go to war with the army that we need. (Jan 2006)


  • Apply Powell Doctrine to Iraq: overwhelming force. (Nov 2008)
  • Leave Iraq with victory and honor, however long it takes. (Jan 2008)
  • Saddam might have had WMD and got them to Syria before 2003. (Jan 2008)
  • Don’t second-guess Iraq; pullout would be bigger mistake. (Jan 2008)
  • Failing to find the WMDs doesn’t mean they weren’t there. (Jan 2008)
  • Never questioned the surge; never supported timed withdrawal. (Jan 2008)
  • FactCheck: Correct that Romney did support timed withdrawal. (Jan 2008)
  • Iraq War: we invaded an imaginary country based on poor info. (Jan 2008)
  • Stay in Iraq because we’re winning; we lose if we walk away. (Dec 2007)
  • We bought Iraq because we broke it; responsibility to honor. (Sep 2007)
  • Iraqi government disappointing, but we can’t up & pull out. (Jun 2007)
  • Insist that Iraq’s neighbors assist military & financially. (Jun 2007)
  • We needed 300,000 troops to win Iraq; must finish the job. (May 2007)
  • Don’t judge Iraq war while we’re in the middle of the war. (May 2007)
  • Iraq war has made us overlook domestic agenda. (Jan 2007)
  • Opposing Bush’s troop surge is a dangerous position. (Jan 2007)
  • Make sure we finish the job in Iraq and finish it right. (Jan 2007)


  • Eradicate ISIS like you would eradicate any cancer. (Jan 2016)
  • When terrorists sign up abroad, they sign U.S. death warrant. (Dec 2015)
  • We are at war with radical Islam. (Nov 2015)
  • Conflict with Iran is about survival of Western civilization. (Sep 2015)
  • Iran threatens Israel & America; take them seriously. (Aug 2015)
  • Keep sanctions in place until Iran dismantles nukes. (May 2015)
  • Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS, plus U.S. bombing. (Mar 2015)
  • US boots on the ground to fight ISIS ok, if others join too. (Mar 2015)
  • Islamofascism must disappear from the face of the earth. (Feb 2008)
  • Know your enemy: jihadists would destroy civilization. (Jan 2008)
  • Re-establish diplomatic ties to Iran, so we can move forward. (Jan 2008)
  • Train & arm Kurds to prevent cross-border PKK incursions. (Oct 2007)
  • Attack Iran’s nukes even if Congress says no. (Oct 2007)
  • We made Saudis rich; pressure them to help win with honor. (Aug 2007)
Bobby Jindal on War & Peace
Republican Governor; previously Representative (LA-1)
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  • No-fly zone in Syria, to support Syrian rebels. (Oct 2015)
  • U.S. ground troops to wipe out ISIS. (Oct 2015)
  • Replace Assad; hunt down & destroy ISIS. (Sep 2015)
  • ISIS are barbarians; hunt them down and kill them. (Sep 2015)
  • Use nuclear option in Senate to overturn Iran nuclear deal. (Sep 2015)
  • Don't change hearts & minds; kill the terrorists. (Aug 2015)
  • Iran nuclear deal is bad for America & Israel. (Jun 2015)
  • Keep option to send US ground troops to fight ISIL. (Jun 2015)
  • No deal with Iran that lets them become a nuclear power. (Mar 2015)
  • Prevent the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. (Nov 2004)
  • Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days. (May 2007)
  • Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)
Gary Johnson on War & Peace
Libertarian presidential nominee; former Republican NM Governor
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  • Boots on ground, bombs, & drones make things worse. (Oct 2016)
  • Leave Afghanistan now or Taliban comes back when we do leave. (Jul 2016)
  • North Korea has no conventional threat; China deal on ICBMs. (Jul 2016)
  • Exit Afghanistan now; same consequences as exiting later. (Jul 2016)
  • Our involvement with ISIS wasn't intentional but it happened. (Jul 2016)
  • ISIS has grown as a result of U.S. intervention in Mideast. (Jun 2016)
  • No U.S. military intervention in Syria. (Jun 2016)
  • North Korea not capable of long-range nuclear missiles. (May 2016)
  • We are no safer after years of failed nation-building abroad. (Jan 2016)
  • Afghan nation-building will fail; withdraw immediately. (Aug 2012)
  • Cut all support and aid to Israel. (May 2012)
  • No military threat from Iraq, Afghanistan, nor Libya. (Aug 2011)
  • Iran is not currently a military threat. (Aug 2011)
  • Let Israel deal with Iranian nukes; not US role to tell them. (Aug 2011)
  • Absolutely would not have gone into Libya; get out now. (Jul 2011)
  • We wiped out al Qaeda 10 years ago; leave Afghanistan. (Jun 2011)
  • No threat from Libya; so no authority to topple dictator. (Jun 2011)
  • Afghan War initially warranted, but not for 10 years. (May 2011)
  • Military surveillance should discover WMD before invasion. (May 2011)
  • I opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. (May 2011)
  • No Afghan timetable; start tomorrow & finish in a few months. (May 2011)
  • Eliminate ineffective interventions in Iraq & Afghanistan. (May 2011)
Tim Kaine on War & Peace
Democratic Senate Challenger; previously Governor
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  • We now have fewer troops abroad &reduced Iranian threat. (Oct 2016)
  • Senate and UN agreed on sanctions against North Korea. (Oct 2016)
  • Iran deal stopped nuclear program without firing a shot. (Oct 2016)
  • Success in Ukraine means resistance to Russian aggression. (Jul 2016)
  • Proactively address North Korean nuclear & missile programs. (Feb 2016)
  • Iran is the real threat; Israel can make peace with Arabs. (Jan 2016)
  • Iran is the real threat; Israel can make peace with Arabs. (Jan 2016)
  • Wanted a War on ISIL vote in Congress and would support it. (Oct 2015)
  • The public deserves robust debate before we go to war. (Jan 2015)
  • Authorize military force against ISIL, phasing out Iraq AUMF. (Nov 2014)
  • We ended war in Iraq and are ending Afghan war now. (Sep 2012)
  • Redefine War Powers to reflect realities of 21st century. (Feb 2012)
  • Nuke deal with Iran is dramatic improvement over status quo. (Feb 2012)
  • Supported Obama's stopping the Iraq War. (Dec 2011)
  • Obama had a "good rationale" for going in Libya in 2011. (Jun 2011)
  • Afghanistan war was not a war of Obama's choosing. (Jul 2010)
  • Iraq was a wrong choice; Afghanistan was no choice. (Jul 2010)
  • Visited VA National Guard members in Green Zone in Baghdad. (Jan 2007)
  • Americans were given inaccurate information regarding Iraq. (Jan 2006)
  • Iran must accept long-term intrusive nuke inspection. (Mar 2014)
  • Hold Assad accountable for slaughter of civilians. (Feb 2017)
John Kasich on War & Peace
Republican Governor; previously Representative (OH-12); 2000 candidate for President
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  • Keep up pressure on North Korea to give up nukes. (Jun 2018)
  • Balance cooperation and confrontation with China. (Jun 2018)
  • Forward-deploy US forces in the Pacific to challenge China. (Jun 2018)
  • Eradicate leadership of North Korea but no military strike. (Apr 2017)
  • We need more than Special Forces in Libya. (Mar 2016)
  • Arm the Ukrainians and fight ISIS in Syria, Libya. (Feb 2016)
  • How to deal with Russia on Ukraine: Punch 'em in the nose. (Feb 2016)
  • If there weren't WMDs in Iraq, we shouldn't have gone. (Feb 2016)
  • Find moderate rebels in Syria; work with them against Assad. (Dec 2015)
  • No-fly zone 1st priority, but ok with more aid for refugees. (Nov 2015)
  • Invading force but no occupying force in Syria. (Nov 2015)
  • US ground troops in Syria, but not involved in civil war. (Nov 2015)
  • Work with allies like Israel, Egypt, Jordan. (Nov 2015)
  • Destroy ISIS, with US troops as part of coalition. (Nov 2015)
  • No-fly zone in Syria & sanctuaries, enforced by U.S. (Oct 2015)
  • Constitution requires Congress' approval of Iran nuke deal. (Sep 2015)
  • We operate better in the world when our allies work with us. (Sep 2015)
  • I'm a "cheap hawk": Cut Pentagon waste, but not spending. (Sep 2015)
  • Fight ISIS by supporting Kurds and educating Iraqis. (Aug 2015)
  • 2002: go to war with Iraq; 2015: we never should have gone. (Aug 2015)
  • Iran nuke deal: verify, verify, verify, without the trust. (Apr 2015)
  • Congressional debate before sending in ground troops. (May 1999)
  • Russian mediation with Milosevic instead of a ground war. (Apr 1999)
  • Should have used economic tools with rest of world. (Apr 1999)
  • Russia should mediate; Congress should vote on escalation. (Apr 1999)
  • Maintain aggression but negotiate with Milosevic. (Apr 1999)
  • Ground war not in humanitarian nor international interest. (Apr 1999)
  • Goals should be: help refugees & regional development. (Apr 1999)
  • Rambouillet goals breached sovereignty of Yugoslavia. (Apr 1999)
  • Use neutral mediators; be flexible on post-war force. (Apr 1999)
  • Make clear-cut goals and timetables, then commit. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on disallowing the invasion of Kosovo. (May 1999)
Evan McMullin on War & Peace
Conservative independent challenger
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  • Served in clandestine CIA in post-9-11 conflict zones. (Aug 2016)
Martin O`Malley on War & Peace
Democratic Former Governor of Maryland
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  • Constitution doesn't let us say when dictators must go. (Dec 2015)
  • ISIS is an evil in this world; deal with them as evil. (Nov 2015)
  • Don't search world for monsters to destroy, like Iraq War. (Oct 2015)
  • No-fly zone in Syria too hard to enforce; stay out entirely. (Oct 2015)
  • Negotiate with Iran to remove potential nuclear weapon. (May 2015)
  • Two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. (May 2015)
  • Radical terrorism and nuclear Iran are interconnected. (Mar 2015)
Barack Obama on War & Peace
Democratic incumbent President; IL Senator (2004-2008)
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    Afghan War

  • Move into support role in Afghanistan; 34,000 troops home. (Feb 2013)
  • We had forgotten why we went into Afghanistan. (Oct 2012)
  • End our longest war: out of Afghanistan in 2014. (Sep 2012)
  • All but one advisor cautioned against Osama bin Laden strike. (Jan 2012)
  • Make sure Afghanistan is never again a source of attack. (Jan 2012)
  • FactCheck: Taliban may control countryside after US leaves. (Jan 2012)
  • 2009: Command is a solemn responsibility; war has no glory. (Oct 2011)
  • Afghan war: moral imperative against determined enemy. (Oct 2011)
  • We've taken the fight to al Qaeda in Afghanistan, until July. (Jan 2011)
  • OpEd: Relying heavily on drones causes civilian casualties. (Jun 2010)
  • OpEd: Af-Pak drones: targeted kills but extra-judicial. (May 2010)
  • OpEd: Conservatives happy Obama is staying in Afghanistan. (Apr 2010)
  • Troops will begin to exit Afghanistan in July 2011. (Jan 2010)
  • Evil does exist in the world; sometimes war is justified. (Dec 2009)
  • America is not--and never will be--at war with Islam. (Jun 2009)
  • More aid to Pakistan; but pursue bin Laden over their border. (Oct 2008)
  • Unwise war in Iraq distracted us from catching Bin Laden. (Sep 2008)
  • Military surge in Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban. (May 2008)
  • Al Qaida is based in northwest Pakistan; strike if needed. (Jan 2008)
  • Deal with al Qaeda on Pakistan border, but not with nukes. (Aug 2007)
  • Military action in Pakistan if we have actionable intel. (Aug 2007)
  • FactCheck: Yes, Obama said invade Pakistan to get al Qaeda. (Aug 2007)
  • Focus on battle in Afghanistan and root out al Qaeda. (Jun 2007)
  • We did the right thing in Afghanistan. (Mar 2007)

    Iraq War

  • Green Party OpEd: We are not out of Iraq. (Aug 2012)
  • OpEd: Calling Iraq "a dumb war" left open "smarter war". (Jun 2012)
  • Iraq was a rash war, based on politics, not on reason. (Jun 2012)
  • 2008 trump card: opposition to Iraq War showed experience. (Jun 2012)
  • For first time in 9 years, no Americans are fighting in Iraq. (Jan 2012)
  • 2002: Opposed war while all other candidates supported it. (Aug 2009)
  • Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq was a war of choice. (Jun 2009)
  • I will only send our troops into harm’s way when necessary. (Aug 2008)
  • 2002 anti-war speech was not popular opinion at that time. (Apr 2008)
  • Humanitarian aid now for displaced Iraqis. (Feb 2008)
  • End the war, and end the mindset that got us into war. (Jan 2008)
  • The Iraq war was conceptually flawed from the start. (Jan 2008)
  • Title of Iraq war authorization bill stated its intent. (Jan 2008)
  • No permanent bases in Iraq. (Jan 2008)
  • Congress decides deployment level & duration, not president. (Dec 2007)
  • Leave troops for protection of Americans & counterterrorism. (Sep 2007)
  • Hopes to remove all troops from Iraq by 2013, but no pledge. (Sep 2007)
  • We live in a more dangerous world because of Bush’s actions. (Jun 2007)
  • Case for war was weak, but people voted their best judgment. (Jun 2007)
  • War in Iraq is “dumb” but troops still need equipment. (Apr 2007)
  • Open-ended Iraq occupation must end: no military solution. (Apr 2007)
  • Iraq 2002: ill-conceived venture; 2007: waste of resources. (Feb 2007)
  • Saddam did not own and was not providing WMD to terrorists. (Oct 2004)
  • Invading Iraq was a bad strategic blunder. (Oct 2004)
  • Democratizing Iraq will be more difficult than Afghanistan. (Oct 2004)
  • Never fudge numbers or shade the truth about war. (Jul 2004)
  • Iraq war was sincere but misguided, ideologically driven. (Jul 2004)
  • Not opposed to all wars, but opposed to the war in Iraq. (Jul 2004)

    Trouble Spots

  • ISIS, like the Crusades, doesn't mean religion is violent. (Feb 2015)
  • I will veto any new sanctions against Iran. (Jan 2015)
  • Authorize the use of force against ISIL. (Jan 2015)
  • Support rebels in Syria who oppose terrorism. (Jan 2014)
  • America must move off a permanent war footing. (Jan 2014)
  • Syria's Assad crossed "red line" by using chemical weapons. (Jun 2013)
  • On Iranian nukes: Big nations can't bluff. (Mar 2013)
  • We organized world community to agree that Assad has to go. (Oct 2012)
  • I will stand with Israel if they are attacked. (Oct 2012)
  • Key to Iranian sanctions was world's involvement. (Oct 2012)
  • Supported "Iron Dome" defense shield for Israel. (Oct 2012)
  • Libyan people appreciate that America liberated them. (Sep 2012)
  • Syrian use of chemical weapon is "red line" for intervention. (Aug 2012)
  • Expanded CIA drone program for "targeted killings". (Jun 2012)
  • Take no options off the table if Iran develops nukes. (Jan 2012)
  • Intervene in Libya for humanitarian reasons. (Jun 2011)
  • Supports Arab Peace Initiative (two states) with exceptions. (Jun 2010)
  • Continued Israeli settlements in West Bank are illegitimate. (Jun 2010)
  • OpEd: 2008: Denounced Mumbai attacks, but not Gaza attacks. (Jun 2010)
  • OpEd: Overreaction to North Korean rockets. (Apr 2009)
  • Prevent Iran from attacking Israel, but keep military option. (Oct 2008)
  • 2002: I don't oppose all war; I am opposed to dumb war. (Aug 2008)
  • Engaging in tough diplomacy with Iran is a sign of strength. (Jul 2008)
  • Iran is biggest strategic beneficiary of invasion of Iraq. (May 2008)
  • Take no options off the table if Iran attacks Israel. (Apr 2008)
  • Two-state solution: Israel & Palestine side-by-side in peace. (Feb 2008)
  • No action against Iran without Congressional authorization. (Dec 2007)
  • Iran: Bush does not let facts get in the way of ideology. (Dec 2007)
  • Meet directly for diplomacy with the leadership in Iran. (Nov 2007)
  • Committed to Iran not having nuclear weapons. (Oct 2007)
  • Iran military resolution sends the region a wrong signal. (Oct 2007)
  • Iran with nuclear weapons is a profound security threat. (Apr 2007)
  • Terrorists are in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran. (Oct 2004)
  • Problems with current Israeli policy. (Jul 2004)
  • Engage North Korea in 6-party talks. (Jul 2004)
  • Use moral authority to work towards Middle East peace. (Jul 2004)

    Voting Record

  • Voted to fund war until 2006; now wants no blank check. (Nov 2007)
  • Late to vote against war is not late to oppose war. (Jun 2007)
  • Spending on the Cold War relics should be for the veterans. (Jun 2007)
  • Would have voted no to authorize the President to go to war. (Jul 2004)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
Sarah Palin on War & Peace
Republican Governor (AK); 2008 nominee for Vice President
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  • Yes, we can kill our way to victory in the Mideast. (Feb 2015)
  • No military intervention in Syria: 'Let Allah sort it out'. (Jun 2013)
  • War on Iran would end lackadaisical approach to terrorism. (Jun 2012)
  • It's a "war", not an "overseas contingency operation". (Feb 2010)
  • Tough sanctions on Iran. (Feb 2010)
  • Palin Plan on terrorism: We win, they lose. (Feb 2010)
  • Responsibility to complete mission until we win. (Nov 2009)
  • Pray that we're on God's side in war; not that He is on ours. (Nov 2009)
  • Our troops are out on a task that is from God. (Nov 2009)
  • FactCheck: Disputed that Obama tried to delay Iraq deal. (Oct 2008)
  • No white flag of surrender on Iraq. (Oct 2008)
  • Divest from Sudan; enforce no-fly zone in Darfur. (Oct 2008)
  • FactCheck: No, we’re not back to pre-surge troop levels. (Oct 2008)
  • FactCheck: No, Afghan general did not say a surge would work. (Oct 2008)
  • Surge needed in Afghanistan; we cannot afford to lose. (Sep 2008)
  • Retreat is defeat in Iraq. (Sep 2008)
  • Nuclear Iran is dangerous to whole world. (Sep 2008)
  • Russia’s invading Georgia, unprovoked, is unacceptable. (Sep 2008)
  • No new Cold War with Russia. (Sep 2008)
  • Don’t go to war over Georgia, but pressure Russia. (Sep 2008)
  • Don’t second-guess Israel if they act against nukes in Iran. (Sep 2008)
  • Keep option to go into Pakistan to go after terrorists. (Sep 2008)
  • McCain: She has right judgment on Iran and the surge. (Aug 2008)
  • Visited Alaska National Guard troops in Kuwait. (Aug 2008)
  • We don’t know what the plan is to ever end the war. (Aug 2008)
  • Wants exit plan; also assurances to keep our troops safe. (Mar 2007)
  • We have not been attacked since 2001; so support our troops. (Oct 2006)
  • I support the mission of our troops in Iraq. (Oct 2006)
  • Our troops in Iraq keep us safe at home. (Oct 2006)
  • I support President Bush’s efforts to stop terrorism. (Oct 2006)
Rand Paul on War & Peace
Republican Kentucky Senator
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  • War only when all other measures are exhausted. (Apr 2015)
  • GOP is too eager for war; and so is Hillary. (Aug 2014)
  • Don't get stuck in Cold War idea of tweaking Russia. (Mar 2014)
  • Executive Branch initiating war is a usurpation of power. (Mar 2014)
  • It is unacceptable not to hate war. (Sep 2012)
  • Staying in Afghanistan will not make America safer. (Jul 2011)


  • Arming al Qaeda let it become ISIS. (Nov 2015)
  • If we had bombed Syria, ISIS would control Damascus today. (Sep 2015)
  • Oppose bombing Assad in Syria because it strengthens ISIS. (Apr 2015)
  • I brought fighting ISIS to the forefront of discussion. (Apr 2015)
  • Create & arm a Kurdish state as support against ISIL. (Apr 2015)
  • Hillary's War: Ousting Gadhafi in Libya gave rise to ISIS. (Feb 2015)
  • Supporting rebels in Syrian Civil War gave rise to ISIS. (Feb 2015)
  • Assist Iraqi government against ISIS, but not Syrian rebels. (Jul 2014)
  • No US troops in Iraq, even against ISIS. (Jul 2014)


  • No-fly zone in Syria means WWIII against Russians. (Dec 2015)
  • Only Sunni-Shiite coalition forces, not US, in Syria. (Nov 2015)
  • A no-fly zone in Iraq means shooting war with Russia. (Nov 2015)
  • I opposed Iraq war in 2003 & I oppose Syria war now. (Sep 2015)
  • Negotiate with Iran, but from a position of strength. (Aug 2015)
  • Fight Iran with diplomacy and military strength, not war. (May 2015)
  • Keep on mind on Iran nukes but don't trust the ayatollahs. (Apr 2015)
  • Arming Syrian rebels wades into another civil war. (Sep 2014)
  • How many Americans should die to defend Iraq? (Jul 2014)
  • ISIS are nasty terrorists but no clear-cut American interest. (Jun 2014)
  • Iraq War gave Iran regional hegemony & caused Mideast chaos. (Jun 2014)
  • Maintain ambiguous policy on containing nuclear Iran. (Apr 2014)
  • Keep all options on the table, but don't declare war on Iran. (Apr 2014)
  • No involvement in Syria, even if gas attack proven. (Sep 2013)
  • No US interests in either side of Syrian war. (Sep 2013)
  • No US weapons to kill Christians in Syria. (Aug 2013)
  • Opposed to Iraq War; no direct threat & no declared war. (Feb 2011)
  • Would have voted against a declaration of war against Iraq. (Feb 2010)
Mike Pence on War & Peace
Republian nominee for Vice President; Governor of Indiana; former Representative (IN-6)
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  • All options are on the table for Iranian nukes. (Feb 2017)
  • Economic sanctions on Iran for ballistic missile tests. (Jan 2017)
  • FactCheck: Pence says pressure Assad; Trump focuses on ISIS. (Oct 2016)
  • Back at war in Iraq because we didn't leave enough forces. (Oct 2016)
  • Protect civilians in Aleppo by enforcing Safe Zones. (Oct 2016)
  • Protect civilians in Aleppo by enforcing Safe Zones. (Oct 2016)
  • Iran deal delivered $400M as ransom to terrorist sponsor. (Oct 2016)
  • Peace with North Korea through US strength. (Oct 2016)
  • Hillary Clinton left Americans in harm's way in Benghazi. (Jul 2016)
  • Military action to crush ISIS. (Jul 2016)
  • Supported Iraq war and sending more US troops there in 2007. (Jul 2016)
  • Afghanistan is and will continue to be a NATO and US success. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted YES on banning armed forces in Libya without Congressional approval. (Jun 2011)
  • Voted NO on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq. (Jun 2008)
  • Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days. (May 2007)
  • Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops. (Mar 2004)
  • Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism. (Apr 2002)
  • Strengthen sanctions on Syria & assist democratic transition. (Apr 2008)
  • Support the completion of the US mission in Iraq. (Feb 2007)
  • Sanctions on Iran to end nuclear program. (Apr 2009)
Rick Perry on War & Peace
Republican Governor (TX)
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  • Not just no nuclear deal funding Iran, but "Hell no". (Aug 2015)
  • Tear up Iranian nuclear deal on Day One, then use White-Out. (Aug 2015)
  • Coalition against ISIS but include US troops. (Jul 2015)
  • Decisive action against ISIS, not just promises & speeches. (Jun 2015)
  • ISIS is worst threat to freedom since Communism. (Jun 2015)
  • Provide lethal aid to Ukraine against Russian separatists. (Jun 2015)
  • ISIS is the biggest threat since communism. (Feb 2015)
  • Airstrike against Islamic State in Iraq avoids ISIS in Texas. (Aug 2014)
  • Arm the Kurds, and send Special Ops to fight ISIS. (Aug 2014)
  • I would send troops back into Iraq, to exclude Iran. (Jan 2012)
  • Sanction the Iranian Central Bank; no-fly zone over Syria. (Nov 2011)
  • Shut down the Iranian Central Bank to stop nukes. (Nov 2011)
  • Complete the mission in Afghanistan, with no timetable. (Nov 2011)
  • Transition out of Afghanistan but keep non-military presence. (Sep 2011)
  • Secure freedom for oppressed people in Iraq and Afghanistan. (May 2008)
Marco Rubio on War & Peace
Republican Florida Senator
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  • Timetable in Afghanistan emboldened Taliban to wait us out. (Jan 2014)
  • Goal for Korea: denuclearize the peninsula and to unify it. (Apr 2013)


  • I've warned about ISIS in Libya for 2 years; US troops there. (Mar 2016)
  • Against ISIS, either they win, or we win. (Jan 2016)
  • Civilian causalities unfortunate but inevitable. (Nov 2015)
  • Declare war on ISIS, fight via Sunni tribes and Kurds. (Nov 2015)
  • ISIS hates our way of life; either they win or we win. (Nov 2015)
  • ISIS plan: US air support for Sunni forces on the ground. (Feb 2015)
  • Confront and defeat ISIL now, or we will have to do so later. (Sep 2014)
  • Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq to target ISIL. (Sep 2014)
  • Stay involved in Iraq to fight ISIS, not for nation-building. (Jun 2014)
  • Assist Iraqi government in fighting ISIL. (Jan 2014)


  • Boots on ground in Syria; coordinate with Kurds. (Nov 2015)
  • Theocratic ayatollahs should never possess nuclear weapons. (Sep 2015)
  • We should have supported Syrian uprising from its start. (Sep 2015)
  • Keep sanctions against Iran instead of Obama's nuke deal. (Jul 2015)
  • No mistake to invade Iraq in 2003; we thought Iraq had WMDs. (May 2015)
  • Airstrikes to topple Syrian government are counterproductive. (Sep 2014)
  • Lack of long-term US status in Iraq opens it for al Qaeda. (Jan 2014)
  • Equip and train non-jihadist Syrians to topple Assad. (Aug 2013)
  • Syria: arm rebels last year; now just work with some. (Jun 2013)
  • New Iranian leader is more moderate but still supports nukes. (Jun 2013)
  • Supports intervention in Libya & tougher sanctions on Syria. (Sep 2011)
  • 2007 troop surge was the right thing to do. (Aug 2010)
  • Opposes timetable for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. (Sep 2010)
  • Iranian nuclear weapons: prevention instead of containment. (May 2012)
  • Sponsored shutting down Iranian foreign reserves. (May 2013)
  • Iran must accept long-term intrusive nuke inspection. (Mar 2014)
  • Hold Assad accountable for slaughter of civilians. (Feb 2017)
Bernie Sanders on War & Peace
Democratic primry challenger; Socialist Senator; previously Representative (VT-At-Large)
Click here for 34 full quotes by Bernie Sanders OR click here for Bernie Sanders on other issues.
  • 1990: Tried to stop Bush's driving Saddam out of Kuwait. (Nov 2016)
  • Iraq War: worst foreign policy blunder in modern history. (Nov 2016)
  • Economic sanctions could have driven Saddam out of Kuwait. (Nov 2016)
  • Iraq war led to ISIS creation, as I predicted would happen. (Feb 2016)
  • Qatar is wealthy; needs to get skin in game against ISIS. (Jan 2016)
  • Work with Russia & Iran to get rid of Assad in Syria. (Jan 2016)
  • End perpetual warfare in the quagmire of the Middle East. (Dec 2015)
  • Tell Qatar and Saudi Arabia that they must fight ISIS. (Dec 2015)
  • Invasion of Iraq led to ISIS; Hillary voted to invade. (Nov 2015)
  • Form Muslim-led coalition to defeat ISIS. (Nov 2015)
  • Diplomacy and coalition-building before unilateral action. (Oct 2015)
  • Keep U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan. (Oct 2015)
  • Syria is a quagmire within a quagmire; don't get involved. (Oct 2015)
  • Support force only when we are threatened & have coalition. (Oct 2015)
  • Stop ISIS, but only with an international & Arab coalition. (Sep 2015)
  • Iraq war destabilized Mideast; stay out of Mideast quagmire. (Sep 2015)
  • Iran nuke deal is victory for diplomacy over saber-rattling. (Sep 2015)
  • Middle Eastern countries must contribute to fight ISIS. (Aug 2015)
  • Get Saudis & regional powers involved with fighting ISIS. (Oct 2014)
  • Arm the Peshmerga against ISIS, as international effort. (Oct 2014)
  • 1983 war against Nicaragua was illegal and immoral. (Jun 1997)
  • 1990: Opposed authorizing all-out war in Kuwait with Iraq. (Jun 1997)
  • 1991: instead of Persian Gulf War, spend on America. (Jun 1997)

    Voting Record

  • I voted against 1st Gulf War, which led to 2nd Gulf War. (Dec 2015)
  • Voted for Afghan War, to capture Osama bin Laden. (Sep 2015)
  • Voted YES on redeploying non-essential US troops out of Iraq in 9 months. (Dec 2007)
  • Voted NO on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted NO on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops. (Mar 2004)
  • Voted NO on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Voted YES on disallowing the invasion of Kosovo. (May 1999)
  • Condemns anti-Muslim bigotry in name of anti-terrorism. (Oct 2001)
  • Require Congress' approval before military action in Iran. (Oct 2007)
Rick Santorum on War & Peace
Republican Jr Senator (PA); 2012 presidential frontrunner
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  • ISIS caliphate is like a kingdom based on religious law. (Jan 2016)
  • Will tear up agreement with Iran first day in office. (Jan 2016)
  • Stay in Afghanistan until security of our country is secure. (Jan 2012)
  • Afghanistan victory means Taliban is neutered, not wiped out. (Nov 2011)
  • We're tying one hand behind our backs; change Afghan rules. (Sep 2011)
  • No isolationism on Libya; but Obama did it wrong. (Sep 2011)
  • We should withdraw from Afghanistan more slowly. (Aug 2011)
  • Needed exit strategy & objective in Kosovo, but not in Iraq. (Sep 2006)
  • No national security at stake in Libya. (Jul 2011)


  • We must take land from ISIS Caliphate, under their own law. (Dec 2015)
  • World War III has begun; let's identify it. (Dec 2015)
  • Iranians believe in bringing about the end of the world. (Sep 2015)
  • ISIL's caliphate changes the game: send US troops. (Sep 2015)
  • We cannot allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. (May 2015)
  • Obama left Iraq because it was politically popular to do so. (Jan 2014)
  • Unclear which side in Syria used chemical weapons. (Aug 2013)
  • Iranian people admire us; Iranian leaders are evil. (Jan 2012)
  • Work with Israel to take out Iranian nukes by force. (Nov 2011)
  • We need 20,000 troops to stay in Iraq to achieve victory. (Sep 2011)
  • Jihadists want to kill us for what we are. (Sep 2011)
  • Iran has been at war with us since 1979. (Aug 2011)
  • Iran must be confronted to stop them from getting nukes. (Aug 2011)
  • Iraq: We have a great game plan, and Rumsfeld does fine job. (Sep 2006)
  • War in Iraq is one front in war on Islamic fascism. (Sep 2006)
  • Iran is at the heart of the Iraq war. (Sep 2006)
  • Saddam had no new WMDs, but did have old WMDs. (Sep 2006)
  • Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but still a necessary war. (Sep 2006)
  • My Iraq plan, and my opponent’s plan, is same as Bush’s. (Sep 2006)
  • Threat posed by Saddam is like drunk driver's threat to all. (Oct 2002)

    Voting Record

  • Sanctions against Iran, despite Administration disagreement. (Sep 2006)
  • Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
  • Voted NO on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)
  • Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)
  • Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq. (Oct 2002)
  • Voted YES on allowing all necessary force in Kosovo. (May 1999)
  • Voted NO on authorizing air strikes in Kosovo. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on ending the Bosnian arms embargo. (Jul 1995)
  • Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (Nov 1995)
Jill Stein on War & Peace
Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor
Click here for 25 full quotes by Jill Stein OR click here for Jill Stein on other issues.
  • End policy of regime-change and military intervention. (Oct 2016)
  • Stop bombing Muslims abroad and stop bashing them at home. (Oct 2016)
  • Libyan invasion was a catastrophe that inflamed the Mideast. (Sep 2016)
  • Nuclear disarmament with Russia, not threats over Syria. (Sep 2016)
  • Invasions violate international law unless we're threatened. (Aug 2016)
  • Pro-war means anti-feminist. (Aug 2016)
  • War on terror has cost $6T and a million lives. (May 2016)
  • War in Iraq created Frankenstein's monster of ISIS. (May 2016)
  • We have killed millions of civilians in our war for oil. (Apr 2016)
  • U.S-backed regime change in Iran caused current conflict. (Feb 2016)
  • Nuclear-free Iran as step toward worldwide disarmament. (Feb 2016)
  • Involved in Vietnam anti-war movement in school & college. (Feb 2015)
  • ISIS grows out of chaos that we created in Iraq. (Jan 2015)
  • Stop economic sanctions and cyber-attacks against Iran. (Nov 2012)
  • National conversation before we go to war. (Nov 2012)
  • Blowback across Middle East due to our immoral war policy. (Oct 2012)
  • Stop the flow of arms to Syria on both sides. (Oct 2012)
  • Iran does not threaten our national security. (May 2012)
  • We're not safer internationally with drone wars. (Feb 2012)
  • End the Oil Wars. (Feb 2012)
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal. (Jan 2012)
  • We never should have been in Iraq; we're still not out. (Dec 2011)
  • We should not be in Afghanistan; no military solution. (Dec 2011)
  • Humanitarian aims in Libya ok; but not regime change. (Dec 2011)
  • End our military misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Sep 2010)
Donald Trump on War & Peace
2016 Republican nominee for President; 2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President
Click here for 54 full quotes by Donald Trump OR click here for Donald Trump on other issues.
  • If Venezuela unravels, why can't we invade? (Jul 2018)
  • Consider all options to restore Venezuela's democracy. (Jul 2018)
  • 2016: secret plan to defeat ISIS; 2018: caliphate gone. (Jan 2018)
  • Disallow North Korea from developing nuclear delivery system. (Jan 2017)
  • We need element of surprise; stop saying where we'll attack. (Oct 2016)
  • Military and cyberwar to prevent ISIS genocide of Christians. (Sep 2016)
  • 2011: Knock out Ghadafi; 2016: Libya war was a mistake. (Sep 2016)
  • I would be slower to go to war than Hillary. (Sep 2016)
  • I could've negotiated Reagan's nuclear arms reduction deal. (Aug 2016)
  • 2003: lost respect for Bush over handling of Iraq War. (Aug 2016)
  • We would be better off if Gadhafi were in charge right now. (Feb 2016)
  • Blunder to announce withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan. (Nov 2015)
  • Afghanistan war made a mess, but troops need to stay. (Oct 2015)
  • Strengthen military, but act defensively. (Oct 2015)
  • Radical violent Islam that must be feared, not Islam itself. (Sep 2015)
  • Iraq won't be a democracy when we leave; it'll be a mess. (Aug 2004)
  • All of the reasons for Iraq war were blatantly wrong. (Aug 2004)
  • Be tougher: bin Laden should have been caught long ago. (Aug 2004)
  • John McCain's actions in Vietnam were not "heroic". (Sep 2000)
  • Use force to stop North Korean nuke development. (Jul 2000)
  • No humanitarian intervention; only to direct threats. (Jul 2000)

    Middle East

  • One-time missile strike in response to Syria chemical attack. (Apr 2017)
  • OpEd: now believes that US has national interest in Syria. (Apr 2017)
  • Stay out of Syria, and keep Syrians out of America. (Apr 2017)
  • 2013: warned Obama against bombing Syria; 2017: bombed Syria. (Apr 2017)
  • ISIS are lawless savages; extinguish them from our planet. (Feb 2017)
  • If we overthrow Assad, we could end up with worse than Assad. (Oct 2016)
  • Iran is taking over Iraq. (Oct 2016)
  • Unbelievable stupidity in our Mideast policy. (Oct 2016)
  • FactCheck: Would shoot Iranian warships too near US warships. (Sep 2016)
  • I have a plan to defeat ISIS, but I won't broadcast it. (Sep 2016)
  • I opposed Iraq War in 2004; it destabilized entire Mideast. (Sep 2016)
  • When we defeated Iraq, we didn't know what to do after that. (Sep 2016)
  • Current leadership hurts military; need change to beat ISIS. (Sep 2016)
  • Cease-fire in Syria only if all parties involved. (Feb 2016)
  • FactCheck: Supported Iraq invasion in 2002; opposed in 2003. (Feb 2016)
  • We've spent $5T in the Mideast and gotten nothing. (Feb 2016)
  • Get rid of ISIS, quickly: dry up their oil & their money. (Feb 2016)
  • Assad is a bad guy, but his replacement could be worse. (Nov 2015)
  • Let Russia make moves in Syria; it's a quagmire. (Nov 2015)
  • We should have demanded a deal with Kuwait to liberate them. (Nov 2015)
  • Good that Russia has entered Syrian conflict. (Oct 2015)
  • I'm pro-military but I opposed invading Iraq in 2003. (Sep 2015)
  • If Obama had attacked Syria, we wouldn't have refugees now. (Sep 2015)
  • Opposed Iraq war in 2004 & predicted Mideast destabilization. (Aug 2015)
  • Disgraceful deal gives Iran a lot & gets nothing for us. (Aug 2015)
  • Bomb the oil fields in Iraq to take on ISIS. (Jun 2015)
  • Boots on the ground to fight ISIS. (Jun 2015)
  • I said "don't hit Iraq," because it destabilized Middle East. (Jun 2015)
  • Hit ISIS hard and fast. (Feb 2015)
  • Take $1.5T in oil from Iraq to pay for US victims. (Mar 2013)
  • Iraq should pick up the tab for their own liberation. (Dec 2011)
  • Stop Iran's nuclear programs by any & all means necessary. (Dec 2011)
  • Support Israel, our unsinkable Mideast aircraft carrier. (Jul 2000)
Scott Walker on War & Peace
Republican Wisconsin Governor
Click here for 7 full quotes by Scott Walker OR click here for Scott Walker on other issues.
  • Lift political restrictions on 3,000 troops in Syria. (Sep 2015)
  • Undo Iran nuclear deal on Day One; keep sanctions instead. (Aug 2015)
  • Send weapons to Ukraine; & missile defense to Poland. (Aug 2015)
  • US troops should fight ISIS alongside Kurds and Sunnis. (Jun 2015)
  • Islamic terrorism like a virus; make sure it doesn't spread. (Mar 2015)
  • ISIS will attack on American soil; so take fight abroad. (Feb 2015)
  • Don't rule out US boots on the ground in Syria. (Feb 2015)
James Webb on War & Peace
Former Virginia Democratic Senator
Click here for 27 full quotes by James Webb OR click here for James Webb on other issues.
  • Strategic failings by U.S. allowed Russia into Syria. (Oct 2015)
  • I supported invading Libya with Congressional war resolution. (Oct 2015)
  • Supports cutting back the army's ground commitments. (Jul 2015)
  • Solution to ISIS will have to come from Sunni leadership. (Jul 2015)
  • Iran deal requires Congressional approval. (Apr 2015)
  • Iraq invasion empowered Iran & led to sectarian violence. (Oct 2014)
  • Anti-ISIS alliances are fluid; we've trained some ISIS. (Oct 2014)
  • Bush took us into this war recklessly; we predicted chaos. (Jan 2007)
  • Bush can join us in ending war, or we will show him the way. (Jan 2007)
  • US has patiently endured a mismanaged war for 4 years. (Jan 2007)
  • Shift toward diplomacy & leave Iraq in short order. (Jan 2007)
  • No patriotism question when Eisenhower questioned Korean War. (Oct 2006)
  • We’re burning out our troops in Iraq. (Sep 2006)
  • Terrorists are in Iraq because we invaded, not vice-versa. (Sep 2006)
  • Saddam and al Qaeda were natural enemies. (Sep 2006)
  • Iran cooperated with US in Afghanistan, until “Axis of Evil”. (Sep 2006)
  • $300B better spent on Iraqi containment. (Sep 2006)
  • Convene international conference to involve others in Iraq. (Sep 2006)
  • No Mideast peace as long as US forces are in Iraq. (Sep 2006)
  • It was a mistake to go to Iraq; said so before Senate vote. (Jun 2006)
  • America is fighting the wrong war in Iraq. (May 2006)
  • Honors troops but questions Bush’s strategic errors. (Apr 2006)
  • A cogent critic of the war in Iraq. (Jan 2006)
  • Opposed the War on Iraq on pragmatic grounds. (Jan 2006)
  • Voted NO on redeploying non-essential US troops out of Iraq in 9 months. (Dec 2007)
  • Voted NO on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
Bill Weld on War & Peace
Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President; former Republican Massachusetts Governor
Click here for 2 full quotes by Bill Weld OR click here for Bill Weld on other issues.
  • Presumption of non-intervention on foreign soil. (Jul 2016)
  • Don't intervene abroad when people are mean to each other. (Jun 2016)


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