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Voter vouchers: matching funds for federal campaigns

A core corruption of our political system is the concentration of funders of political campaigns. That concentration creates extraordinary inequality. The Citizen Equality Act would end that inequality, at a minimum by adopting a campaign funding proposal that is a hybrid between the "Government by the People Act," and the "American Anti-Corruption Act." That hybrid would give every voter a voucher to contribute to fund congressional and presidential campaigns; it would provide matching funds for small-dollar contributions to congressional and presidential campaigns. And it would add effective new limits to restrict the revolving door between government service and work as a lobbyist.
Source: 2016 presidential campaign website Lessig2016.us , Sep 25, 2015

Referendum president: pass voting reform, then step down

Larry Lessig would run as a "referendum president" who promises to serve only as long as it takes to pass the Citizens Equality Act of 2017. Once this package is passed, Larry Lessig would step down, and the vice president would become president.

The Citizens Equality Act of 2017 is a package of reforms designed to restore citizen equality. It guarantees the freedom to vote, ends partisan gerrymandering, and funds campaigns in a way that would give us a Congress free to lead. Each part is drawn from existing proposals for fundamental reform. We are not reinventing the wheel. And taken together, they would give us--finally--what we were promised: a government of, by, and for the people.

Source: 2016 presidential campaign website Lessig2016.us , Sep 25, 2015

Automatic voter registration; make election day a holiday

We must have a system that guarantees a meaningfully equal freedom to vote. To achieve that, we must at a minimum enact the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 and the Voter Empowerment Act of 2015. We should as well add automatic registration, and shift election day to a national holiday.
Source: 2016 presidential campaign website Lessig2016.us , Sep 25, 2015

Ranked Choice Voting: end political gerrymandering

Equal citizens must have equal representation in Congress. That means, districts must be drawn, and election systems structured, so as to give each citizen as close to equal political influence as possible. FairVote has offered the most comprehensive solution to achieve this equality. At a minimum, the Citizen Equality Act would incorporate their proposed "Ranked Choice Voting Act," which ends political gerrymandering and creates multi-member districts with ranked choice voting for Congress.
Source: 2016 presidential campaign website Lessig2016.us , Sep 25, 2015

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