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Laura Kelly: Established Kansas's Office of Broadband Development

I signed an Executive Order establishing Kansas's first Office of Broadband Development--and through it, we've distributed nearly 50 million dollars in Connectivity Emergency Response Grants, to communities like Spring Hill, Valley Center, Dodge City, Topeka, Derby and others.

We have to keep pushing on this issue. It needs to be a bi-partisan push. Because access to high speed internet will be a game changer for these communities.

Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Kansas legislature Jan 13, 2021

Dave Lindstrom: Rural broadband must be a top priority

Revitalizing our rural areas will hinge as much on expanding broadband internet access as it might on efforts to recruit new factories or new agriculture-related enterprises. We need to ensure that the tools necessary for individuals to rise up and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential are in place in our rural communities. Rural broadband must be a top priority as part of any infrastructure effort coming from Washington.
Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website May 31, 2020

Dave Lindstrom: Revisit libel laws & media protections

The media is too often a willing accomplice in the demonization of Americans whose only offense is exercising their freedom of speech. It's why Dave proposes that our libel laws be revisited. The protections once afforded the press were enacted with an expectation of a responsible fourth estate that would put truth above politics and personal agendas. While some of those publications and outlets exist today, they exist as a rare bright spot in a dim industry.
Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website May 31, 2020

Dave Lindstrom: Make critical infrastructure a priority

Dave knows that since the rebound of the economy following the 2017 tax reform, revenues have jumped by billions of dollars. Those dollars should have been used to address critical needs and pay down debt. The money is there to address the need over a reasonable window of time, but it will take actual will and commonsense to make it a priority. Dave will be a strong voice to push this debate and make critical infrastructure a priority.
Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website May 31, 2020

Greg Orman: $80M for roads to make Kansas the epicenter of distribution

Orman said the state should make use of its heartland location in the United States to become the nation's epicenter of distribution. He said the state would target development and infrastructure dollars to municipal governments willing to enter into regulatory compacts with other local government to streamline the permitting process for new businesses.

His plan would commit the state to increases of $80 million a year for roads and bridges during the next four years. Under the plan, Orman said, the state could draw manufacturers to Kansas and increase net value of crops typically exported for processing. The incentive can be use of income taxes generated by growth in farm incomes to help pay debt related to investment in agricultural manufacturing, he said.

He recommended a 33% tax credit for companies investing in partnerships with community or technical colleges. He would start a loan fund for students who didn't qualify for federal student loans to receive career training.

Source: Topeka Capital-Journal on 2018 Kansas gubernatorial race Aug 16, 2018

Jeff Colyer: Help Wichita maintain its title of Air Capital of the World

Several other states are trying to steal our title of Air Capital of the World. Today we say to them with one voice, "NOT ON OUR WATCH."

I've been working with our state's largest private employer, Spirit Aerosystems, and in December they announced plans to invest more than $1 Billion dollars and hire more than 1000 Kansans. That's a $1 million-dollar investment for EVERY job. In talking with Spirit and other aviation leaders, we've come to learn the real challenge is filling these positions with qualified workers. These are great jobs. They will provide a great life and opportunities for many families.

The [proposed state] budget also helps Wichita maintain its title of Air Capital of the World, with its investments in the National Institute for Aviation Research and the National Center for Aviation Training. I support these investments and hope you'll join me in advocating for them as you work through the budget process.

Source: 2018 Kansas Inauguration/State of the State speech Feb 8, 2018

Patrick Wiesner: Immediately start work on roads, bridges, and airports

Q: What needs to be done to strengthen the economy?

WIESNER: The federal government is the only body big enough to provide a modern transportation infrastructure, set energy policy, and oversee environmental protection. We can immediately start work on roads, bridges, and airports with new revenue generated from fuel taxes and user fees. I will advocate regulations and tax policy that encourage US businesses to stay here and foreign companies to relocate here.

Source: Topeka Capital-Journal voter guide: 2016 Kansas Senate race Oct 1, 2016

Jerry Moran: $383 million per year to help build highways and bridges

Building and maintaining a strong transportation infrastructure is vital to the economic development of Kansas. As a Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I have fought for legislation that will help Kansans by providing better highways and increased job opportunities, while providing economic opportunities for the state.

Kansas ranks fourth in the nation in total highway miles with over 134,500 miles of public roads and highways. In 2005, I helped pass legislation that would provide $383 million per year to Kansas to help build and maintain highways, roads, and bridges. This money will create and sustain thousands of jobs in Kansas while allowing the transport of our manufactured goods and agriculture commodities in a more timely and cost-effective system.

Kansans rely upon the safety and efficiency of our state's transportation system. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to find the resources to meet the needs of Kansas.

Source: on 2010 Kansas Senate incumbents Nov 28, 2010

Pat Roberts: Risk of identity theft higher with advanced tech

Advances in technology and the ease with which individuals can share financial and other personal information has heightened the risk of identity theft and the need to safeguard this information. In recent years, Congress has approved legislation to strengthen consumer protection laws with regard to how personal and financial information is shared and used. However, consumers should also take steps to protect themselves against identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission is an excellent resource for consumers who want to learn more about how to safeguard their personal information. Congress is also working on legislation to strengthen identity theft laws.

I also encourage Kansans to take advantage of a recent law that allows individuals to obtain a free copy of their credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies once a year. Free reports from each agency are available through a single source: or call 1-877-322-8228.

Source: on 2020 Kansas Senate race Apr 24, 2008

Kathleen Sebelius: Restore funding for transportation and biosciences projects

Quality highways have long been essential to economic development, but in recent years the state’s revenue problems have jeopardized the ambitious highway-building program passed by this Legislature. My plan restores funding for the remainder of the program so that the Kansas Department of Transportation can complete every announced project. The Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation and the Department of Commerce are working on an aggressive initiative to make Kansas a world leader in biosciences
Source: 2004 State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Richard Nixon: Technology misused damages environment; but can restore it

We see a natural environment; true it's been damaged by careless nuisances and misuses of technology. But we also see that that same technology gives us ability, the ability to clean up that environment, to restore the clean air, the clean wa open spaces, that are our rightful heritage. And I pledge we shall do that and can do it in America.

Oh, I know the fashionable line among some: Wouldn't it be great to live in a country that didn't have all these problems of material progr Not at all. I've been to them. I've seen them. And I simply would like to say to you that great as our problems are as a result of our material progress, we can do things for ourselves and for others that need to be done, and we must see it i Look at our Nation. We're rich, and sometimes that is condemned because wealth can sometimes be used improperly.

Source: Address at Kansas State University (APP#295) Sep 16, 1970

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