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Allen Glines: Reported illegal gambling sites and had them shut down

I've assisted with community mental health operations. These efforts involved teaching group sessions and helping individuals live a more independent life. After overhearing a client talking about their struggles with a gambling-like game, I went to authorities to have a business selling gambling machines against state laws and a bingo parlor shutdown. I couldn't stand for a disadvantaged, vulnerable group being taken advantage of by an entity that was trying to profit off of them.
Source: 2021 Utah Senate campaign website Jul 21, 2021

Allen Glines: Ban private prisons, cash bail, and civil forfeiture

Source: 2021 Utah Senate campaign website Jul 21, 2021

Allen Glines: Increased penalties for facilities, persons for elder abuse

Source: 2021 Utah Senate campaign website Jul 21, 2021

Austin Searle: Police should only carry tasers, not guns

Law enforcement, including police officers, should only carry a taser. Recently, an officer mistook a gun for a taser and brutally murdered a young man from Minnesota. The company that manufactures tasers says it has implemented new design features and training recommendations to reduce the chances of law enforcement officers confusing the electroshock weapon for a handgun when using force.
Source: 2021-2022 Utah Senate race website Jun 27, 2021

Kamala Harris: Ban chokeholds by police; registry of police crimes

Bad cops are bad for good cops. We need reform of our policing in America and our criminal justice system, which is why Joe and I will immediately ban choke holds and carotid holes. George Floyd would be alive today if we did that. We will require a national registry for police officers who break the law.
Source: 2020 Vice-Presidential Debate in Utah Oct 7, 2020

Kamala Harris: In CA, created many first-time criminal justice reforms

I was the first statewide officer to institute a requirement that my agents would wear body cameras and keep them on full-time. We were the first to initiate a requirement that there would be training for law enforcement on implicit bias because yes, Joe Biden and I recognize that implicit bias does exist. We did the work of instituting reforms that were about investing in re-entry. This is the work that we have done and the work we will do going forward.
Source: 2020 Vice-Presidential Debate in Utah Oct 7, 2020

Mike Pence: Yes to justice for George Floyd; no to riots

I trust our justice system. There's no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. Justice will be served, but there's also no excuse for the rioting and looting that followed. Flora Westbrook is with us here tonight in Salt Lake City. Just a few weeks ago, I stood at what used to be her salon. It was burned to the ground by rioters and looters. And Flora is still trying to put her life back together.
Source: 2020 Vice-Presidential Debate in Utah Oct 7, 2020

Craig Bowden: Rehabilitation instead of punishment

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Stricter punishment reduces crime"?

A: I prefer a rehabilitative approach with restitution to victims as opposed to simply punishment.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Utah Senate candidate Feb 28, 2018

Jenny Wilson: Beef up laws to address targeted hate crimes

[Citing a Facebook posting from DESERETNEWS.COM]: "Salt Lake County has joined a handful of other Utah cities and counties urging state lawmakers to pass stricter hate crimes laws. The County Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday urging the Utah Legislature to beef up laws to address crimes that target people because of their race, religion or sexual orientation."

Jenny Wilson for Senate Facebook response: "Progress. Proud that the County Council on which I serve passed this unanimously and with an expanded list of commonly targeted religious groups. It's time to start measuring the success of our communities by how we treat our most vulnerable members. This resolution calls upon Utah's legislature to step up."

Source: Facebook posting on 2018 Utah Senate race Jan 11, 2018

Greg Hughes: Round up offenders and offer jail or treatment

Hughes believes anonymity breeds lawlessness. Hughes' proposed sweeps would be daily. Offenders would be taken to an off-site processing area, and, they'd either be booked into jail beds, sent to mental health or addiction treatment, or bused back to Rio Grande having had their bad habits interrupted. Some might be sent to other states on outstanding warrants. The key is these individuals would become known to the system.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune on 2020 Utah gubernatorial race Jul 22, 2017

Misty Snow: Why so many people in prison? Why so many minorities?

The United States has more people in prison than any other nation in the world, and the highest per-capita prison population in the world. We have more people in prison per capita than both China and Russia. Why, in the so-called "land of the free" do we have so many people in prison?

This trend is even more troubling when you look at the demographics of who is going to prison. African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and trans* people are incarcerated disproportionately when compared to the nation's population as a whole. Minorities are also more likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, charged, tried, convicted, incarcerated, or simply killed by police. These are very disturbing trends.

People shouldn't be profiled for their race, their ethnicity, their religion or their gender identity. People shouldn't feel like they are being targeted for walking, driving, boarding an airplane, or even shopping while they are black, brown, Muslim or Trans*.

Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Misty Snow: End private prisons; end profit in incarceration

We need to end private prisons. There should not be a profit motive behind incarcerating people. As prison populations increase, for-profit prisons make more money. This creates incentives to imprison as many people for as long as possible. Consequently, the prison industry lobbies our legislators to pass "tough on crime" laws that lead to longer sentences, often for non-violent offenses. All of this creates a criminal justice system that is based on profits rather than rehabilitation.

We need to seriously reform our justice system in this country. We need to change the way we train our police officers, and refocus our criminal justice system on rehabilitation.

Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Mike Weinholtz: Fully fund indigent defense; protect 6th Amendment rights

Utah is one of the few states in the country that delegates indigent defense funding to the counties, meaning many public defenders are overworked and unable to provide adequate defense. Our justice system depends on fair trials where both sides have access to an attorney, and Utah needs to do more to protect the 6th Amendment right to counsel. I will work to create a state-wide public defense agency, or a fairer funding mechanism, so smaller counties stop struggling to fund indigent defense.
Source: 2016 Utah gubernatorial campaign website Jun 17, 2016

Gary Herbert: Authorize construction of new state prison

Excerpts from legislation: HB 454: Authorizes Construction of New State Prison This bill: Legislative outcome: Bill passed House, 59-14, March 12; passed Senate, 19-10; March 12; signed by Gov. Herbert March 25
Source: Utah legislative voting records: HB 454 Mar 25, 2015

Jon Huntsman: Supports death penalty but not necessarily expanding it

The House said anyone convicted of murdering a child under 14 should be eligible for the death penalty. The bill has been criticized by death-penalty opponents, who want Utah to join other states in restricting or eliminating capital punishment.

Maryland, N.J. and Washington are considering eliminating the death penalty or limiting its use. In the Utah House, this legislation passed, 72-0. Gov. Jon Huntsman supports the death penalty but has said he's not ready to take a position on expanding it

Source: Utah Valley Daily Herald, p. A8 Feb 6, 2007

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