Ben Carson on Technology

Tea Party challenger in Republican primary


Beef up cyber capabilities; reinvigorate space program

An important aspect of our government is to provide for the common defense. To allow our military to deteriorate the way it has, to fail to take care of our veterans to the point where we have 22 to 23 suicides every day, it makes absolutely no sense. To leave our electric grid unprotected, it needs to be hardened. This is criminal what we're doing, because we are so vulnerable.

We need to really beef up our cyber capabilities. Under a Carson administration, if another country attacks us with a cyber attack, they're going to get hit so hard, it's going to take them a long time to recover. We can't sit around and let people do stuff and just say, "You're bad. I don't like you," you know.

We also need to reinvigorate our space program. I think it is a crime that we have moved away from that. Think about all the inventions, the innovation that came out of that. Your cell phone, so many things. And the important thing is, in the future, he who controls space controls the earth.

Source: Carson speech at National Press Club , Oct 9, 2015

Use computer teaching and virtual classrooms

We have a tremendous amount of technology available to us that can help us quickly close the achievement gap that exists between our children and those in many other advanced nations. One such technology currently being developed is a computer program that analyzes the way a student solves math problems to figure out where there are gaps in that student's knowledge. The computer then tutors the student in his or her area of deficiency until the student is able to solve problems correctly. We should also put a great deal of emphasis on the concept of virtual classrooms. Although the technology is only in its infancy, it will provide the ability to put the very best teachers in the world in front of millions of our children on the same day. It will allow children to virtually explore the pyramids of Egypt, or the Amazon basin, or even the surface of the moon. Not only can we do this, but we must so this in order to remain a potent worldwide leader in this age of information.
Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p. 61-62 , Jan 24, 2012

Respect privacy; don't use info from post-9-11 monitoring

Since 9/11 it has become increasingly important to monitor all suspicious activity in an attempt to prevent another terrorist attack. One of the results of this monitoring has been the discovery of some unsavory habits and characteristics of many otherwise outstanding citizens. To its credit, our government has not disclosed those findings or prosecuted the involved individuals because we still respect the right of all of our citizens to privacy as long as they are not infringing upon the rights of others. I realize that many "holier than thou" conservatives and even some liberals think we should use all gathered information about people they don't care for, to discredit them. If and when this begins to happen, our country will become a nightmare akin to George Orwell's novel "1984". We must jealously guard every American citizen's right to live as they please, again as long as they are not interfering with the rights of other Americans to do the same.
Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p.181-182 , Jan 24, 2012

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