Elizabeth Dole on Labor & Farming

Tax breaks & financial aid for farmers

Dole outlined a 10-point package that would give new tax breaks and financial aid to US farmers. She would allow farmers to deduct 100% of their health insurance costs, try to increase exports under the Food for Peace program and take more acres out of production by fully utilizing the Conservation Reserve Program.
Source: Associated Press Aug 13, 1999

Farm program: more exports; more foreign markets

    “This Administration has failed to fight for free trade, for reasonable prices, and for the farmers of Iowa.” Dole’s proposal included:
  1. An increase in exports under the Food for Peace program.
  2. Full utilization of the Export Enhancement Program.
  3. Enactment of Fast Track trade negotiating authority so farmers can have access to foreign markets.
  4. Allowing China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.
[The other 6 points appear under “Environment”]
Source: “Campaign News” Jul 13, 1999

Farm program: more ethanol; more conservation; less taxes

    Dole announced a ten-point farm program designed to bring relief to Iowa’ farmers. Her proposal included:
  1. Mandatory federal price reporting for pork producers.
  2. Full utilization of the Conservation Reserve Program.
  3. Increased promotion and use of ethanol.
  4. An immediate 100% tax deduction for farmers’ health insurance premiums.
  5. Elimination of death taxes on family farms.
  6. Helping rural America receive access to technology.
[The other 4 points appear under “Free Trade”]
Source: “Campaign News” Jul 13, 1999

Pay to stop farming environmentally sensitive cropland

Dole calls on the Clinton Administration to fully utilize the Conservation Reserve Program. The CRP was enacted in 1985 to pay farmers to take highly erodable or environmentally sensitive cropland [out of production]. The program is authorized to enroll 36.4 million acres but only 30.5 million acres have been set aside. “Full use of these important programs that protect farms and the environment of rural America are worth every dollar.”
Source: “Campaign News” Jun 12, 1999

Stabilize farm economy by increasing farm exports

The next president. must stabilize the farm economy by exercising leadership to expand domestic markets and increase exports.
Source: CNN AllPolitics Jun 12, 1999

Favors labor negotiations; against child labor violations

As Secretary of Labor in the Bush Administration, I pursued cooperation between labor and management, visiting the coal fields of southwest Virginia and spearheading successful negotiations to a bitter 11 month strike between the Pittston Coal Company and the United Mine Workers. Meanwhile, I sent another kind of strike force into the field to lead a nationwide crackdown on dangerous child labor violations.
Source: Manchester Chamber of Commerce, NH, Feb. 8, 1999 Feb 8, 1999

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