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Warn Europeans: we’ll defend Boeing from Airbus subsidies

Last week, the British government announced it would grant a $837 million loan to develop a superjumbo ‘Airbus,’ a plane whose mission is to sweep the Boeing 747 from the skies.
The loan is a first installment of an estimated $12 billion package, whose costs will be underwritten by European governments and taxpayers. These socialist subsidies allow Airbus to undercut Boeing on the world market. Airbus executives once boasted of their readiness to ‘give the planes away,’ if necessary, to seize market share from American rivals.
The strategy can succeed not because the European planes are better designed or better built, but only because they have the backing of a continental cartel.
[We should] warn the Europeans that America will not tolerate their targeting our aerospace industry for destruction. In a Buchanan Administration, America’s crucial industries will be defended by the White House from unfair and cutthroat competition from ungrateful nations we protected for 50 years.
Source: Press Release Mar 22, 2000

More import tariffs: 10% on Japan; 20% on China

[Buchanan] favors a massive tax increase on consumer imports. He has called for a 10% tariff on Japanese imports, a 20% tariff on Chinese imports, and a “social tariff on Third World manufactured goods.” These tariffs would mean billions in new federal revenues, all of it siphoned from the pockets of American consumers.
Source: Jeff Jacoby editorial, Boston Globe on 2000 Pres. race Sep 20, 1999

Replace welfare with National Guard against illegal aliens

Illegal immigration must be halted, and no illegal alien given welfare. We need a nationwide Proposition 187, a closing of the Southwest border to illegals (with the National Guard, if necessary) and a new immigration law where we Americans decide who comes, and when. Our first concern must be the peace, stability and unity of our own country.
Source: Jul 2, 1999

Tariffs on wheat imports to equalize costs & protect farms

“Slapping a tariff on imported wheat would help deter foreign sales in the United States at a time when American farmers are not covering their own costs,” Buchanan said. He advocates a tariff on imported farm commodities to equalize the price with US production costs. The revenue could be used to cut taxes, he said. “When the price of wheat falls below the cost of production, why are you importing wheat? That simply kills your family farms.”
Source: Associated Press on 2000 presidential race Jun 18, 1999

Supports banning Mexican trucks for US deliveries

[I support the] Teamsters in stopping the use of Mexican trucks and drivers to deliver American cars. The 3.3 million Mexican trucks entering the US each year [are rarely inspected & are unsafe]. Deliberately imperiling American families by increasing US highway access for these rolling time bombs is unconscionable. The US has no shortage of reliable trucks and qualified American drivers, but under NAFTA, our workers are forced to compete with Mexican truckers earning one-tenth their wages.
Source: “Press Release: Hoffa Hailed” Jun 4, 1999

Support Steel Recovery Act to stop dumping

[I support] the Steel Recovery Act (HR975), which is crafted to save the US steel industry from being destroyed by illegal foreign dumping of devalued steel. Last year, the industry was ravaged by imports from Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Korea. Those nations were in recession, could not consume their own production, and so decided to dump steel on the US-to destroy our companies and save their own. US steelworkers do not ask for subsidies; they ask only that foreign regimes stop illicit dumping
Source: “Press Release: Save Steel” Mar 16, 1999

End trade deficits; stop exporting jobs; leave WTO

Since 1992, the US has run a trillion-dollar trade deficit, $200 billion with Communist China, which now uses our currency to expand its military, steal our technology and buy weapons. We will reclaim our sovereignty over national economic policy, end these trade deficits, rebuild our manufacturing base, create, not export, good industrial jobs, and demand that products made in Japan and China pay the same taxes as products “Made in the U.S.A.” If the WTO objects, we will stand up and walk out.
Source: 5/28/99 May 28, 1999

China uses our trade deficit to hurt the US

Since 1992, the United States has run a trillion-dollar trade deficit, $200 billion with Communist China, which now uses our currency to expand its military, steal our technology and buy weapons to target US Marines on Okinawa and the sailors of the Seventh Fleet.
Source: Official Buchanan for President in 2000 site Jul 2, 1999

Battle against globalization is a coming issue

This whole battle against globalization is a coming issue. It’s going to unite a lot of people in a lot of countries. The economy is good for most people now, and most people focus on other issues. But if people care like this [referring to the large number of protestors at the Seattle WTO meeting] when the wood is green, what’s going to happen when the wood is dry? I think it’s THE coming issue.
Source: The Howie Carr Show, WRKO Boston 680 AM Dec 2, 1999

WTO is first step toward world government

The WTO is more than a trade organization. It is an embryonic institution of world government, which asserts the right to veto laws democratically passed by the US. For example, if we Americans want to defend sea turtles and porpoises, that is our business. Who are these international bureaucrats to tell us we can’t do it? This is the beginning of world government, and people are resisting it to maintain their own national identity.
Source: Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer Dec 1, 1999

Supporting WTO is a march into captivity

Buchanan has called support for the WTO part of a “march into captivity” by supporters of a single worldwide government.
Source: Boston Globe on 2000 race, p. A14 Oct 5, 1999

Unapologetic about protectionism

To those who call me a protectionist, I say without apology: I will use the trade laws of this country and my authority as President to protect the jobs of our workers, the standard of living of our American families, the independence of my country, and the sovereignty of the United States; and no global trade authority will keep me from doing my duty. American workers are not here to serve the financiers of some New World Order.
Source: Presidential Annoucement Speech, Courtyard NH Mar 2, 1999

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