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Under-funded military not ready to handle conflicts

In a speech in NH, Forbes promised to modernize the military. He added that people in the service must be paid adequately to support themselves, their families and their country. He said the military, as it now is funded, is not ready to handle conflicts
Source: Associated Press on 2000 presidential race Oct 4, 1999

More funds for veterans’ hospitals

Forbes supports increasing funding for veterans’ health care to $19.6 billion. This will allow the VA to expand access to outpatient care, expand care for aging veterans, and improve emergency care; and help expedite claims processing. As President, Steve Forbes will insure that sick and disabled veterans have the best health care possible. He will improve long-term care and make sure veterans have the freedom to choose doctors they trust and specialists they need.
Source: Press Release on Veterans Health Sep 6, 1999

Rapidly deploy a ballistic missile defense system.

By blocking real missile defense, Clinton is undercutting global stability, including economic stability. [We must deter] an aggressor by showing that we can stop his missiles before they reach American homes and families. We can go a long way toward constructing a viable missile defense system for ourselves and our allies by integrating missile defense innovations with existing technologies on Aegis cruisers. What’s more, Clinton clings to the ABM Treaty, which [relies] on “assured vulnerability.”
Source: “American Leadership” speech at Casey Inst., NYC May 4, 1998

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