Pete Coors on Government Reform

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger (CO)


The 527 loophole is also a freedom of speech

Q: What is your solution to address the issue of so much money and so little accountability in the political system?

A: This is a great country where we’ve got freedom of speech and we should never do anything or pass any laws that abridge that right. I think it was a total surprise to Congress when the Supreme Court decided the McCain-Feingold Act actually was acceptable, because I don’t think Congress felt that the Supreme Court would uphold it. The flaw is the 527 loophole, which allows outside organizations with very little reporting and accountability requirements to come in and do advertising as they see fit to slam the other opponents. I regret that they did that, frankly, and I wish that wasn’t the case. But we have freedom of speech and we should never do anything to remove freedom of speech.

Source: Colorado Senate Debate in Rocky Mountain News , Oct 30, 2004

Supports Referendum B to remove outdated legal code

Q: Do you support Referendum B, obsolete constitutional provisions?

A: I support this measure, which was referred to the ballot by the General Assembly, to clean up our constitution and remove out of date provisions.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

Opposes Amendment 36; no split electoral vote

Q: Do you support Amendment 36, selection of presidential electors?

A: I am opposed to this initiative because it would significantly reduce Colorado’s voice in presidential politics.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

Streamline government to create jobs

Big, growing, burdensome government gets in the way of job creation and job preservation. That’s why I am committed to streamlining government, reducing red tape and bureaucracy on business, simplifying the tax code, and tackling the tough issue of tort reform and frivolous lawsuits.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website PeteCoorsforSenate.com “Issues” , Jun 3, 2004

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