Pete Coors on War & Peace

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger (CO)


Support adding more troops, oppose setting a war deadline

If the military was to ask Congress for more troops (in Iraq), I’d be the first to step up and say, ‘You’ve got it,’ Coors said, adding that it would be a mistake to set a deadline on when to bring U.S. troops home.
Source: Colorado Senate Debate in Rocky Mountain News , Oct 30, 2004

Go with the best intelligence you have

SALAZAR: I would have voted for the resolution to give Bush the authority to move forward. The most important question to me is we in Iraq today and how do we move forward in Iraq, and the way we’ve got to move forward in Iraq is with a plan that’s going to bring stability to the country and allow us to accomplish the mission. I agree with Sen. Lugar & with Sen. McCain and others who have been critical of what’s happening in Iraq and we have a mess on our hands, but we need to figure out the plan on how exactly we’re going to move forward. I have a plan on how we’re going to do that.

COORS: We have an enemy who is a horrific enemy. These are barbaric people who want to destroy our civilization. Every vote, you go with the best intelligence you have. I don’t think it’s appropriate today to second-guess what decision would be made today based on the information we have. I suspect that given what we know today, there would be a much different outcome than we had a couple of years ago.

Source: [Xref Salazar] Colorado Senate Debate on Meet the Press , Oct 10, 2004

Support our troops because hey didn’t pick this fight

“I’ll be an advocate of increasing our military budget,” Coors said, pointing out military expenditures were 50 percent of the federal budget 40 years ago, when President John F. Kennedy was in office.

Addressing the war in Iraq, Coors said, “Our young men and women didn’t go over there to pick a fight,” but the war was a decision of Congress and the President, which American troops are bound to uphold. “We need to support them when they come back home,” he said.

Source: FreeRepublic.com , Aug 30, 2004

Iraqi invasion justified under war on terror

Q: Given what you know today, was the invasion of Iraq justified?

A: Yes. Our nation and the world changed dramatically on September 11, 2001. We are now engaged in a war like none other. For the safety of all Americans we must check the spread of terrorism wherever it exists.

Source: Rocky Mountain News interview , Aug 10, 2004

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