Russ Darrow on Civil Rights

Protect the sacred institution of marriage

I am saddened by the failure of the U.S. Senate, and especially Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, in their inability to protect the sacred institution of marriage by allowing the Federal Marriage Amendment to be shot down without even a vote. Marriage has been defined throughout history as being between a man and a woman and been the bedrock of civilized society for thousands of years. While there are some institutions that have become antiquated and need to be re-defined, marriage is not one of them.

It's a deep shame that we, as a country, even need to pass a constitutional amendment to protect a time honored institution such as marriage. Liberal, unelected federal judges from Massachusetts should not have the right or power to simply disregard the foundation of our society by deciding what marriage is and isn't.

Source: Press Release, "Federal Marriage Amendment" Jul 14, 2004

Supports constitutional amendment on flag desecration

Russ Darrow took a stand for the symbol of our national pride and liberty, by announcing his support for a constitutional amendment to protect the American flag from desecration. "Protecting the flag is protecting what it means to be an American," says Darrow. "The Stars and Stripes symbolize the ideals and honors bestowed upon this nation by our ancestors who fought and died for our freedom. I will not let their memories, or what they stood for, be disrespected."

"The American public doesn't want to see their flag burned or defiled on the six o'clock news," continued Darrow. "Too many people, including those fighting the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, have laid down their lives for that symbol. Those men and women gave up their todays for our tomorrows and we must never forget their sacrifice."

Source: Press Release, "Stand Up for Old Glory" May 27, 2004

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