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I don't recommend vaping, but it's a personal choice

Q: Would you ban flavored e-cigarettes, and/or vaping, over health concerns surrounding targeting teens?

Gov. John EDWARDS: The President is looking at banning the flavoring of the cigarettes, and I happen to think that that's probably a smart thing to do.

Rep. ABRAHAM: Well, let's just pause for a minute. I know we're talking mostly young people here and we have lost three LSU students in the last two weeks. So thoughts and prayers; anything other than oxygen that you put in your lungs is not good. As a physician, I can tell you that. On the e-cigarettes, the vaping--I've seen the pathology reports. And they do cause damage. Now, it's a personal choice. Certainly if you're over 21, you smoke a cigarette, I don't recommend it. If you do e-cigarettes, I certainly don't recommend that either. But it is a personal choice. Below 21, I think we need to put the regulation that we have on other cigarettes in place, if the data drives us to a more concrete conclusion, then we follow the data.

Source: Bayou Buzz Transcript of 2019 Louisiana Gubernatorial debate , Sep 23, 2019

Show kids pictures of e-cigarette-affected lungs

Q: All three of you have either children or grandchildren. If you found them using e-cigarettes, what would you say to them?

EEddie RISPONE: I'd do everything I could to discourage you from using e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes; both of them are very harmful to their health.

Gov. John Bel EDWARDS: Part of the problem is many people believe it is a safer alternative, when in fact it is not. And certainly the flavorings lend themselves to children being attractive, but I would tell them, please not to do that.

Rep. Ralph ABRAHAM: Look, an optic is worth 1000 words literally. And even though they're young, my grandchildren, I would show them a lung that has been damaged not only by cigarettes, but by e-cigarettes too. I've seen them and it's impressive. So they would get the picture literally.

Source: Bayou Buzz Transcript of 2019 Louisiana Gubernatorial debate , Sep 23, 2019

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