Ralph Abraham on Government Reform



Term limits for Congress, plus no salary

No Career Politicians: Men and women should serve in Congress to give back to their communities and not consider it a profession. I support term limits for Members of Congress.

No Salary: It should be an honor and a privilege to serve your country and NOT a paid position. If law dictates a salary, then I will donate the salary ($174,000/year) to charities; YOU should not pay a penny for representation.

Source: 2014 Louisiana House campaign website, RalphAbraham.com , Dec 5, 2014

Require photo ID for voting

Q: People should be able to vote without photo identification?

ABRAHAM: Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Louisiana House race , Sep 30, 2014

No holiday on election day; no same-day registration.

Abraham voted NAY For the People Act of 2019