Terri Sewell on Government Reform



Voting Rights Act protects voices of the minority

Sewell said, "I remind my colleagues on the right that the Voting Rights Act was about protecting minority rights."

"And while right now many communities of color are in the minority," she noted, "[t]he browning of America is very real. The majority may become the minority, and that's what the Voting Rights Act was about--protecting the voices of those that are in the minority."

Source: Daily Princetonian on 2022 Alabama Senate race , Dec 20, 2020

Ban stock trading based on Congressional insider knowledge.

Sewell co-sponsored STOCK Act

Congressional Summary:Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK Act): Amends the Securities Exchange Act and the Commodity Exchange Act to prohibit purchase or sale of either securities or commodities by a person in possession of material nonpublic information regarding pending or prospective legislative action.

Bill explanation (ProCon.org, "Insider Trading by Congress", Feb. 3, 2012):

Source: H1148/S1871 11-S1871 on Nov 15, 2011

Require full disclosure of independent campaign expenditures.

Sewell co-sponsored DISCLOSE Act

Congressional Summary:

Wikipedia & OnTheIssue Summary: