Robert Lorge on Free Trade

Republican challenger


Trading with our enemies approaches treason

I vote NO on limiting product liability punitive damage awards, unlike my opponent. I see product liability as a tool to protect Americans from poor quality Slave Trade goods that harm us like those from Communist China and Communist Vietnam, which trade agreements my opponent supported because he is a “Jane Fonda” liberal who believes in corporate and world welfare and apparently communist slave trade quite apart from so called “Free Trade” since he voted against Free Trade agreements with Chile and Singapore (two democracies or what we would better term emerging modern democracies), whereas I would vote the opposite, as I oppose communism and trading with our enemies as a rule, and believe to do so is or approaches treason, while I SUPPORT STRONGLY “Fair Trade” which can only exist amongst Free People Trading with other Free People, and until people are Free, you can not have “Free” Trade nor Fair Trade either, only Slave Trade.
Source: Email interview on 2006 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 9, 2006

Free trade is slave trade; supports exports not imports

Source: Email interview on 2006 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 9, 2006

Trade agreements ok with Oman, Singapore, & Chile

Source: Email interview on 2006 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 9, 2006

Impose trade sanctions on Japan until markets open

I would vote YES on imposing trade sanctions on Japan for closed markets, but would lift them as soon as they open up their markets, or as soon as Japan buys American, since, and especially because, Japan currently holds the most U.S. Dollar debt instruments, and should instead BUY AMERICAN so that American factories can maintain employment and the American way of life and both Japan and America prosper.
Source: Email interview on 2006 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 9, 2006

Lower each industry’s taxes to match competing country

American Business can not compete with slave labor and higher taxes that foreign importers and their slave trader nations pay. What we need is a different tax rate system, a reciprocal tax rate for our Businesses particularly our Exporters, and our Businesses that have to compete here at home with unfair trade practices of foreign owned companies, so that our U.S. Businesses only pay the same lower income tax rates as the foreign businesses that they compete with are paying. If your company is paying 20% tax rates, and you can demonstrate that half of your business is in a trade market where your foreign competitor is only paying 5% or 10% tax rates, then you should only have to pay the lowest tax rate, the L. E. T. or “Lowest Equal Tax” rate so that you, as a U. S. business can compete on an equal playing field. The “L.E.T. U.S Compete” Lorge plan will provide reciprocity, that is, an equal and fairer playing field.
Source: Press release, “L.E.T. U.S. COMPETE” , Feb 27, 2006

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