Charles Booker on Health Care



Expanding Medicaid under ACA led to economic boom

I believe that no Kentuckians should have to decide between paying the rent, or buying a life saving prescription. All Kentuckians deserve the security of a good paying, unionized job. And I firmly believe that no human being should have to die because they can't afford healthcare. That is why I'm a proponent of Medicare for All. One of the greatest economic booms that rural Kentucky has experienced in the 21st Century came when our government expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
Source: KFTC.org on 2022 Kentucky Senate race , Mar 16, 2021

As diabetic knows reality of rationing insulin due to cost

As a Type 1 diabetic, I personally know the reality of having to ration insulin because there isn't enough money. That is unacceptable. I believe that healthcare is a right for all Kentuckians and Americans,regardless of how much money they have in their pocket. I had to make the choice of whether to take care of my family or buy my expensive medication. I chose my family, and almost died. Kentuckians deserve so much more than that. Our lives are not commodities.
Source: KFTC.org on 2022 Kentucky Senate race , Mar 16, 2021

More expensive to do nothing than implement Medicare for all

As a Type 1 diabetic, Charles is intimately familiar with the realities of the American healthcare system. He believes that no one should die because they don't have money in their pocket, a conviction that he gained from being in the position of choosing between buying groceries for the week or a refreshed supply of life-saving insulin. Our system is broken, and people are dying because of it. When it comes to our health care system, the most expensive option is doing nothing and continuing to pay twice as much as any other industrialized nation on earth. Universal coverage is worth fighting for--and frankly, it's something that Kentuckians want.˙The increase in coverage that accompanied Medicaid expansion in Kentucky saved thousands of lives by providing people with healthcare for the first time and simultaneously drove one of the most significant economic expansions in rural Kentucky in recent decades. Medicare for All will build on that success.
Source: 2020 Kentucky Senate campaign website BookerForKentucky.com , Jun 17, 2020

Has diabetes & rationed insulin: need Medicare for All

Booker sits furthest to the left in terms of health care, which he often describes as a "human right" that shouldn't be a financial burden. He said he fully favors a version of a single-payer system but has not specified which precise plan he supports. "When I was diagnosed with diabetes, there were times when my family was forced to ration my insulin just to survive," Booker said. "No one's life should be at risk because they don't have money in their pocket. We need Medicare for All."
Source: Louisville Courier Journal on 2020 Kentucky Senate race , Feb 11, 2020

Supports Medicare for All & Green New Deal

Booker's views may not be tenable throughout Kentucky. After forming an exploratory committee earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission, he began by talking about his desire for Congress to pass Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, and to impeach President Donald Trump--literally the stuff Republicans use to rile up their base and make scary-sounding ads about Democratic politicians in Kentucky.
Source: Lexington Herald-Leader on 2022 Kentucky Senate race , Nov 22, 2019

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