Ed Case on Principles & Values

Former Democratic Representative (HI-2, until 2007)

Our future is now!

Our Hawai’i has been served ably and with great distinction by generations of U.S. Senators. Now we are in a time of transition when we must provide continuity in that service as we phase in the next generation. This is, I believe, my role, and where and how I seek to continue my service in our United States Congress.

I am ready, willing and able to undertake this great responsibility. I love our country passionately and understand the tradition and role of the Senate. The sum total of my 53 years, including my roots in our Hawai’i, twenty years in our private sector, and twenty years now at all levels of our government including Congress, have given me what is required to fulfill this most important of obligations. I know that I can serve you and our fellow citizens well in the Senate for the next generation. Our future is now!

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, www.edcase.com , Jan 28, 2006

Supports Hyde Park Declaration of "Third Way" centrism.

Case adopted the manifesto, "A New Politics for a New America":

As New Democrats, we believe in a Third Way that rejects the old left-right debate and affirms America’s basic bargain: opportunity for all, responsibility from all, and community of all.