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Next election decides social democracy vs. fighting back

Q: Why did you decide to run now, against an incumbent Republican senator?

CHENEY: Because of the dangers facing this country and my state, Wyoming. I believe this is the most radical president ever to inhabit the Oval Office. I also believe we have a real limited window of time, and this next election is a moment of decision for us as a nation. Are we going to go along to get along and implement President Obama's agenda: European social democracy, a weakened nation overseas, and a massively expanded welfare state? For example, in Wyoming, there is an expanded Federal government, and bureaucracies like the EPA, that is doing anything they can to kill the coal, natural gas, and oil industries. We need to take this president on and consider what he is doing, declaring a "war on coal." There has to be people in Congress who are willing to stand up and fight back, like myself, and not sit on the sidelines.

Source: American Thinker Q-and-A on 2014 Wyoming Senate race , Dec 7, 2013

NRSC, Enzi, & "Old Guard" are 100% for incumbent-protection

Q: Why are so many Republicans frustrated with the old guard?

CHENEY: Obviously, the biggest problem is still Pres. Obama, but right behind him is some senators. Senator Enzi here in Wyoming has been in office for 18 years, and his biggest piece of legislation was a national sales tax proposal. He also played a role as part of the Gang of Six in the early years of ObamaCare. This old guard likes to do anything they can to defend the status quo. Take for example the special deals they have been getting under ObamaCare. They are getting a taxpayer subsidy and access to different parts of the website that no one else gets. This old guard really thinks they don't have to live under the laws they pass. Look at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is 100% an incumbent-protection agency. Unfortunately, this is not good enough when we are facing such a radical president. If all we do is protect incumbents, we are not going to be able to elect people to lead into the 21st century.

Source: American Thinker Q-and-A on 2014 Wyoming Senate race , Dec 7, 2013

Carpetbagger from D.C.? No, experienced at cutting agencies

Q: You have started running your first TV ad of the campaign; here's a clip:

CHENEY: "When I was 12 years old, my dad ran for Congress and we campaigned together as a family all across Wyoming. I'm running for the United States Senate because it's time for a new generation of leaders to step up to the plate."

Q: You talk about your long family roots in Wyoming, but you, your husband, and your children just moved out from northern Virginia last year. Some people in Wyoming are saying you're a carpetbagger.

CHENEY: The folks making the carpetbagger charge tend to be people who don't want to talk about Senator Enzi's lack of resolve. The time that I spent working inside federal agencies in Washington is experience that's very important for what I think that has got to be the top priority of a Wyoming senator, which is rolling back the massive expansion of our federal government, cutting agencies, cutting their size, cutting their funding. You got to get the federal government under control

Source: Fox News Sunday: AdWatch on 2014 Wyoming Senate debate , Nov 17, 2013

It's time for a new generation of people willing to lead

Q: In your TV ad, you say, "It's time for a new generation." Is there something wrong with Mike Enzi's record [of strong conservatism]? Or are you just saying that at age 69, he is too old?

CHENEY: It's not about age. It's about that he's been here for 18 years. And the people of Wyoming are suffering greatly. We're ground zero for Obama's policies. It's not enough just to say, "I'm going to go along and get along. I'm going to continue business as usual here in Washington." You've got to demonstrate results. And it's going to take people on our side of the aisle who are willing to lead; people who are willing to stand up and say, "The president's war on coal isn't just going to devastate Wyoming, anybody around this country who likes to flip a switch and have the lights come on, who appreciate affordable electricity, you're with us in the war on coal." But it requires leadership. And, frankly, over the last five years, things have gotten worse for the people of Wyoming, not better.

Source: Fox News Sunday: AdWatch on 2014 Wyoming Senate debate , Nov 17, 2013

Country is divided because we're dealing with big issues

Q: Why do you think the country is so divided? You look at the polls and it's tied almost everywhere.

A: You know, it's really hard to say. I think if you look back at the 2000 election, we were obviously very divided then. We are dealing with big, big issues, issues of war and peace. And I think those are issues that people feel passionately about and feel strongly about and want to make sure that they are out there having their voices heard. I suppose that contributes to it. But this president has got a tremendous track record of being able to reach across the aisle and put in place things like the no child left behind legislation, Medicare reform, things that politicians had talked about doing for decades and George Bush has actually done.

Source: Bill O'Reilly interview, "The O'Reilly Factor", Fox News , Oct 21, 2004

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