Rudy Giuliani on Principles & Values

This is not the right time for me to run for office

When I was first told I had cancer, I thought this was going to be a much easier decision. I find myself unable to make the treatment decision yet, even though I’ve been over and over it. And about the decision to run, I was almost in the same position, not being able to make it, which has never really happened to me. I’ve always been able to make decisions.

I guess because I’ve been in public life and politics so long, I used to think the core of me was politics. But when you feel your mortality and your humanity, you realize that the core of you is, first of all, being able to take care of your health and make sure to deal with a disease like cancer in the most effective way possible so you can be useful to the people that you really care about and really care about you.

I’ve decided that what I should do is put my health first, and that I should devote the focus and attention to figure out the best treatment, and not running for office. This is not the right time for me to run for office.

Source: News conference on his withdrawal from NY Senate race May 20, 2000

Withdraws from NY Senate race to fight his prostate cancer

I don’t feel that if I take on the commitment to run, that I’d have the kind of confidence that I should have, that I’d be the candidate that I should be. I don’t know that I’d be able to campaign the way I should. I don’t know that I’d be able to concentrate on it the way I should. The focus that I’m going to have now is going to be fighting cancer, and making a decision about my treatment. I thank God that it gives me another 18 months to be mayor of New York City, which I love very, very much.
Source: News conference on his withdrawal from NY Senate race May 20, 2000

Rudy discounts Bush’s impact on Senate race

This Senate election is going to get decided as a Senate election. There are theories that go around that New Yorkers will vote for one party for the president and the other for the Senate to balance things out. That’s as interesting a theory as anything else. So, I would not be overwhelmed by the thought of who would be better for me [as the candidate to head the Republican presidential ticket].
Source: New York Times, Page A25 Mar 9, 2000

Campaign theme: Transformation of NYC

The resurgence of the nations largest and most diverse city has made headlines across the country. A recent Harris poll named New York as the City most Americans would like to live in or visit. And three consecutive years of record tourism has confirmed New York’s position as the number one tourist destination in America for international travelers. People want to see for themselves the transformation of the City of New York.
Source: RudyYes.com, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Turned around NYC & made it safe again

Giuliani says, “We were told to pack it up, that our best days were behind us.” The mayor has created 341,000 new jobs, cut taxes by more than $2.4 billion and moved 510,000 people off welfare, according to his TV advertisement: “Rudy has made New York the safest large city in America,” the narrator says. “I’ve made people believe again, feel free again,” Giuliani says.
Source: TV Advertisement (text reported by ABCnews.com) Nov 5, 1999

Love and long term attachment needed to represent NY state

To represent the state of New York in the senate, you really have to a great deal of knowledge of the place. You have to have a tremendous attachment to it. You have to love it and have demonstrated that over a period of time. Upstate concerns are the same as those of New York City-taxes, educational reform, and public safety.
Source: News Room, Oneida County Republican gala Apr 24, 1999

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